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Nothing To Post? 21 Social Media Ideas To Inspire You

More than 90 percent of homebuyers will begin their property search online, so we must build a digital presence to engage those clients. These 21 social media content ideas for agents will improve our visibility and help us get in front of the right customers so we can grow our real estate business in 2021.

Facebook recently announced that it wants the majority of its content to be video-based because video keeps users on these platforms for longer periods of time.

Other social media platforms follow the same algorithms, so we can leverage these preferences to engage our audience and build our influence. Here are a few ideas for

Create engaging videos

1. Virtual open houses

Instead of traditional open houses, which might attract six to 10 visitors to a property, host a live open house on all your social media platforms. The content will engage those who watch it live, and it will still be around for others to view later.

2. Exclusive videos

People love knowing that they are part of something exclusive. Offer your audience a first look at a property that’s scheduled for listing, and offer to send early listing information to anyone interested in the home to drive your engagement higher.

3. Inside-look videos

People love behind-the-scenes videos, so share pieces of your sales process with your audience. Allow them to see how a home inspection works or what happens immediately after a house gets listed. When we pull back the curtain, we can build intimacy and a relationship with our followers.

4. FAQ videos

Any time you repeatedly hear a question from your audience, shoot a video that answers the question. The video will create engagement for your audience, and it will serve as an evergreen response when you’re asked the question again in the future.

5. ‘Can you help me?’ video

If you’ve got a buyer who can’t find the right home, engage your network to see if anyone in your audience is considering selling a house that fits the requirements. You may find a house that will suit your buyers, and you may find that the seller of the house becomes a customer as well.

Feature the agent’s journey

6. Just-listed video

Take your audience along for the first day of a new listing using either a series of videos or a series of posts. Explain how you’ll launch the listing with a goal to sell it quickly for the best price. They’ll learn more about you, and you’ll earn their business in the future.

7. ‘How we helped our clients’ posts

Share the story of a client with specific needs and explain how you helped them find the perfect house. When I know a buyer wants to be in a certain neighborhood, I call as many owners as possible in that neighborhood to find out if they know of anyone interested in selling. It’s a soft brag but an important way to show your audience how hard you work for your clients.

8. ‘People think real estate is … ‘ videos

Agents don’t spend their days on the golf course, despite what people might think, so create a video to demonstrate that you’re always on call. Shoot a video of yourself sweeping a front porch before an open house to show your attention to detail and your hard work on behalf of your clients.

9. ‘What I love about this business’ videos

If you love the fact that you spend time in $2 million houses as part of your job, share that with your audience. People want to do business with people who are excited about their work. Your excitement for your work will draw more business your way.

10. ‘Apps I love in real estate’ videos

Reveal your favorite app to your audience. Whether it’s Grammarly (because you don’t want to misspell words) or a video app that helps you produce quality content, share what you’re using with your audience.

11. Just-listed posts

These posts allow you to drive your audience to a capture page where they can see new listings and confirm that you’re doing the business. Give them a chance to opt in to future posts as well.

12. Just-pending posts

Let your followers know when a house you’ve listed has gone under contract or moved to pending status. It provides proof to your audience that you’re moving properties, and it allows you to share your success without bragging. Say something like, “I’m so excited that my buyers finally found their dream home today.”

13. Just-sold posts

Go beyond telling your audience that a house sold by sharing the story that led up to it. “I’m so excited to help this family who moved here because they wanted to be part of this community.” Make it personal, and show that you’re doing the business.

14. Before-and-after posts

Take photos or videos of a house before and after landscapers work on the yard or before and after renovations or new paint. Explain that you’re getting the house ready to sell, and allow your audience to see the results of the work.

15. ‘Check this out’ posts

Share something unusual or memorable with your audience, like an exceptional view or a spectacular kitchen. Invite the audience to contact you if they’d like more details about the house you’re featuring.

Lifestyle posts

16. Your favorite restaurant

People are buying the lifestyle associated with your community, so share your favorite restaurant, and include a picture of your meal. Tag the restaurant in your post, and the business owners may post it on their own accounts, which will earn you exposure to their followers.

17. Local amenities

Highlight a local park or some other place that you love. Feature a photo or video of the park, and share what you love about it. This kind of post often invites engagement from others who also love the place you’ve highlighted.

18.  Thank a service provider

Thank someone who gave you exceptional service, like a local air conditioning company that showed up quickly to make a repair in the heat of summer.

Share the success story with your audience, and give the company credit for the fact that you’ll sleep better tonight in a cool house. Again, the business may share your post and earn you exposure to their followers.

19. Your favorite places

Feature one of the places you love to visit in your community, like a favorite coffee shop, a favorite gym or a favorite service provider. You’ll have a chance at cross-pollination with their social media, and you’ll also have a chance to acknowledge great businesses in your community.

20. Your family

I get the highest engagement when I share photos or details about my family. The transparency of these posts helps people connect with me in a fresh and new way. Not to mention, they give me a chance to brag about the people I love.

21. Share a hero

Tell the story of someone you know who has done something special, like the leader of a local nonprofit or someone who serves your community well. Honor the people in your community who deserve honor, and share some positivity in a world with far too much negativity.

Above all, be authentic because that’s critical for social media engagement. Social media platforms are crowded with lots of content, but creative and engaging content will increase our followers, nurture trust and help us grow our businesses.

These 21 social media content ideas for agents allow us to add value for our audience and help them get to know us better. They’ll allow our followers to see the hard work we’re doing and develop trust in our ability to serve them well.

Jimmy Burgess is the Chief Growth Officer for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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