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New Year, New Look: How To Revamp Spaces For A Fresh Start In 2021

Whether you’re looking to reboot your personal space, office space or latest listing, these 10 tips will help you clear out the old, ring in the new and enjoy a fresh sense of renewal.

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Everyone has been hoping that 2021 would bring some new energy to the forefront to clear away some of the negative aspects of 2020. In just the same way, our living spaces and workspaces need an energy makeover as well. Put these 10 ideas into action to reimagine your personal and professional spaces or your latest listing.

1. Maximize storage, and declutter your space

Lighten up when you add organization throughout your space, from your home office to the kitchen and mudroom. Add shelving to closets, reorganize the pantry, group like items together, and organize the garage. 

Add storage to outdoor spaces as needed to bring order to gardening implements and sporting equipment. Most of all, make sure there’s a home for everything so that it’s easy to put everything away when not in use.

2. Purge old unused items 

Many people are in need right now, making this a great time to donate clothes, furniture and other goods to your local charity. If you have spent the past few months clearing away things you don’t need, it’s now time to find a home for those items. 

Check out women’s shelters, refugee organizations, and other groups to find a suitable destination for your donation.

3. Create a system to keep up with the little things

It can feel overwhelming to whip your space into shape, but if you implement small incremental changes regularly, you can make significant changes more easily. 

Create a cleaning system to perform one new task daily, like vacuuming, laundry or dusting. Get a handle on mail and paperwork by installing a drop station for incoming items and put together a filing station to keep them organized.

4. Cut energy costs, and make your space safer

Optimize your energy costs by switching to smart home systems, updating light fixtures and bulbs, and installing UV tint on windows. Improve air quality and home safety by cleaning filters and dryer ducts and replacing or updating carbon monoxide detectors.

5. Finish that honey-do list

Whatever you’ve been putting off, it’s time to get a handle on the items on your home maintenance to-do list. Patch walls, perk up paint, and fix things that need a bit of TLC. Clean windows, make small repairs, and change burned-out bulbs. 

Need help? Check services such as TaskRabbit for a little extra skilled assistance if necessary.

6. Prepare your home for fun and entertainment

Hopefully, we will all be able to have some fun soon, so switch out pillow covers, purchase a new couch or chair, and add a fun rug to change the feel of your space. 

Paint the front door, and add a cheerful new welcome mat. Brush up on some new recipes for food and cocktails so you’ll be proud and excited to have people over.

7. Wallpaper or paint your dull spaces

Although large spaces full of wallpaper can read “grandma,” you can also use wallpaper to add some fun and frivolity to more mundane small areas such as closets, laundry rooms, half baths or an entry hall. 

Paint a fun motif on the dining room ceiling or stair treads, and create other unexpected moments to surprise and delight guests and yourself.

8. Add new art and accessories

Change the look and feel of a space by adding new art and accessories. A little bit goes a long way, allowing you to give your room an affordable facelift when you coordinate color, finish and style. 

Consider updated elements such as copper for metallic finishes and Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year — Illuminating, a fresh, sunny yellow, and Ultimate Gray.

9. Add some greenery

Plants change the way a home feels and improve air quality throughout the home or office. Choose colorful plants that complement your décor, and have fun with pots and containers that match, as well. If there are pets in the space, be sure and check for pet-friendly plant varieties both indoors and out.

10. Update your yard, and repair hardscape

As the winter abates and spring comes calling, it’s time to get outside and ensure that your outdoor spaces are ready. Fix cracks in your hardscape, and remove tired plants that are not thriving. 

Add color with succulents and drought-tolerant plants to maximize water efficiency. Give outdoor furniture, railings and other elements a thorough cleaning and repair them as needed.

Nearly a year of pandemic-driven quarantine has homes and offices feeling stale and stuffy. Whether you’re looking to reboot your personal space, office space, or your latest listing, these 10 tips will help you clear out the old, ring in the new, and enjoy a fresh sense of renewal.

Antoinette Fargo is the co-founder and creative director of DOORA Collective + DOORA Design in Ventura, California.  

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