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New program to bolster hot listing leads and increase sales in 2021

BK Global just launched a new program giving agents access to over 800,000 homeowners that are hot listing leads. Right now, they are recruiting real estate agents to work with them as affiliates and become part of their real estate network to receive listing leads and receive listing assignments from their clients.

So where did they get this massive pool of inventory? BK Global’s program assists homeowners in bankruptcy and works with mortgage servicers to settle their debt. Their program helps homeowners structure a sale with their mortgage servicer to avoid foreclosure and get a “fresh-start.”

For real estate agents, knowing how to assist homeowners in this situation creates goodwill for the agent and, in most cases, lifelong clients.

In the past, selling properties in bankruptcy was complicated, and most real estate professionals shied away from them, unsure how to work homeowners through the process. But BK Global has changed that with a program that gives real estate agents the tools and knowledge they need to identify these homeowners in their market, to appropriately solicit them, and to position the listing to meet the needs of all stakeholders. BK Global then offers the backend support to process the online offers and processing with the mortgage servicer and bankruptcy courts to get the deal closed and the agent paid.

Better yet, BK Global offers a certification that opens the door to receiving direct listings assigned to BK Global from bankruptcy trustees. This certification is an important designation for agents to have in the upcoming years.

“It is extremely rewarding to structure a deal that is a win-win for both the homeowner and mortgage servicer,” said Brad Geisen, CEO of BK Global. “We realized that in most cases both the homeowner in bankruptcy and their legal counsel do not know what to do or what options they have with respect to their real estate. The homeowner files expecting the courts and legal system to resolve their issues, but the harsh reality is most trustees abandon their home in bankruptcy, forcing the homeowner to face foreclosure litigation and eviction. We offer homeowners better, smarter, and more proactive options that have the best outcome.”

Become a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist in 2021

BK Global offers a Bankruptcy Specialist Certification that empowers real estate agents and brokers with the knowledge and solutions needed to work with a homeowner in bankruptcy.

“There are so many homeowners nationwide that need this service, and we really need more agents to tackle this volume,” said Patrick Butler, Senior VP of BK Global.

BK Global encourages agents to join their network and take the certification course. Getting certified is simple and the training is straight-forward and to the point. Understanding the stages a homeowner goes through in bankruptcy and what options they have are critical to know when speaking to a homeowner.

“We are dedicating a lot of time and resources to compile an elite group of agents for today’s volume of homes, but next year bankruptcies are expected to skyrocket, and these services will be in high demand,” said Stephen Chip, Director of Trustee Services for BK Global.

You will be shocked how many homes in your local area are in bankruptcy. The BK Global website lets you search your area by zip, city or county to view all the current opportunities. Find bankruptcies in your market.

Learn to become a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist today.

About BK Global
BK Global was founded by Brad Geisen, a 35-year veteran of the default real estate industry, to mitigate real estate assets in bankruptcy better. In his career, he created or operated websites such as,,,,, and many more. He developed and ran a pilot program for the HUD, which became the highly effective HUD M&M Program that still operates today. Mr. Geisen created the first online offer management platform which has become the industry standard used by mortgage lenders and Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). He also created a national training and education platform for GSE’s and Mortgage Servicers to improve vendor performance and ensure compliance. He also developed a National Short Sale Platform, to facilitate fast, efficient approvals.

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