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New Agent On The Team? Here’s How To Make An Impression

Whether you’re a brand-new agent or a veteran who’s shifting gears, Livian’s Erin McCormick Torres shares how to hit the ground running when you join a new team.

You just joined a team. Maybe you’re brand new to the business of real estate or a seasoned agent looking for more leverage, leads and the acceleration of your career. Either way, not everything is equal on a team.

Those who perform will naturally earn more leverage, as well as more at-bats with leads and future leadership opportunities. So how do you stand out on your new team, make an impression, and receive more of your team’s resources to propel your business forward? Here are some ideas.

Start with self-mastery

The most successful team agents are ones who are disciplined, structured and consistent.

  • How are you showing up for yourself every day?
  • What’s your morning routine?
  • What are you reading to raise your leadership lid?
  • What continuing education are you doing to continue to level up your negotiation and sales conversion skills?

Work on yourself first, and your business results will follow exponentially.

Show up daily

Most agents get into the business for freedom and flexibility, which is also what leads to agents’ demise. Treat your real estate business like a full-time, 40-hour-a-week job.

  • Make a schedule and stick to it.
  • Show up in the office, ready to practice with your teammates every morning.
  • Prospect in the morning; preview homes or go on appointments in the afternoon.
  • Ensure you are working in the business at least five out of seven days consistently.
  • Working from home? Show up to Zoom meetings with your camera on, in your office space, dressed to succeed, and hold the same hours as you would if working a full-time job.

You can’t expect full-time results from part-time effort, after all.

Come to the team with your database ready

Spend a day, a week, however long it takes creating a database of your friends, family, acquaintances and past clients. Use a memory jogger tool to compile as many contacts as possible for your team to begin marketing to.

Download your contacts from your phone. Ensure you have data integrity by compiling phone numbers, emails, home addresses and birthdays. Aim for at least 201 contacts in your database. This number of contacts, on average and when worked strategically, will equate to a GCI of $120,000.

Learn from those who came before you

As agents, we’re continually distracted by shiny objects and the new best thing that has the promise to revolutionize how we close more business. In reality, the best way to become a highly successful agent is by shadowing one.

Ask your team leader to attend a listing appointment with them. Attend the open house of an agent who has mastered the art of the open. Spend a day prospecting alongside the lead ISA on the team. Listen, absorb, practice and repeat.. Don’t reinvent the wheel when you can follow prescribed and proven methods for success.

Step outside of your comfort zone and diversify your lead gen

Fearful of the phone? Not a fan of door-knocking? Never called an expired? Try something new once a week, at least. You never know what you’re going to excel at or really enjoy if you don’t try it.

Diversify your lead generation strategy and test new lead generation levers to ensure you always have a full pipeline. Discover what lead gen activities energize you (and which drain you). There are more than 150 ways to sell a house; master three to four to start.

Ask for feedback from your team, and take it to heart

Whether from your team leader or your transaction manager or showing assistant, continually ask for feedback and implement against it. Invite constructive criticism regularly, such as “How do you think I can find more efficiencies in my business? What would you have done differently in the presentation of this offer to win it for your clients? How can I be better on the phone?”

Share feedback openly and honestly

Every team is a work in progress as it iterates to level up leverage and respond to shifting markets. If you find areas where you need more support or have feedback on the team, share it in the moment, so the team can address your concerns. 

Erin McCormick Torres serves as COO for Livian at KW. She is an author, business coach, Realtor and content creator who runs the popular blog Travel Like a Local: Vermont. Connect with her on Instagram and LinkedIn

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