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Need More Leads? 5 Invaluable Door-Knocking Tips

Door-knocking can be an impactful and memorable approach to establishing your name in new areas. So, if you’re trying to cultivate your newly minted brand, here are a few tips to help you drum up new business.

When we first arrived in Los Angeles from the U.K., we had to start our business from scratch. Being new to Beverly Hills meant we had no luxury listings or local contacts.

We decided to take an old-school approach to establishing our name and brand, and went door-knocking down the wealthy streets of the Platinum Triangle, ringing doorbells at luxury estates in the hopes that owners on the other side would listen to our elevator pitch.

It was through this experience that we really learned the area, studied the market and met many incredible clients.

Today, technology and social media can provide an advantage to agents seeking to establish themselves in new areas. However, the personal touch afforded by going door to door is still a strategy we encourage for our team (as long as it’s safely done, of course).

Having a face-to-face conversation on the value of a potential client’s home can set you apart in today’s competitive market. So, here are some tried-and-true tips that have proven effective for our team when approaching door-knocking in new areas in a post-COVID time. (Want to take these traditional door-knocking strategies digital? Here are a few ways to do so.)

1. Have a game plan

Before you head out the door, it’s important to establish a game plan on what areas you’re going to visit and the types of homes you’re seeking to sell.

The MLS and real estate publications dedicated to covering the luxury market are great resources that’ll help you gain an understanding of the areas you’re interested in specializing in. Having a focus is the key to success.

2. Make it memorable

Once you’ve established what districts and communities you will be visiting, developing a strategy for what you’ll say and how you’ll engage with potential clients is of the utmost importance.

If you’re visiting during the holiday season, leaving owners with a small gift can be an impactful and memorable touch. If you have a specific buyer need, develop a one sheet with these requirements, and include your contact information. You can leave the document with the owners in case they decide they want to call you at another time.

Did you recently sell a home in the area? Dropping off a mailer announcing the sale is a nice reminder to owners of the potential of their home. Having an open house in the area soon (or offering a virtual tour)? Let the neighbors know, and always leave your business card. Get creative.

3. Become an expert

Researching what areas other luxury brokers are heavily marketing themselves in can give you a leg up. Choosing an area that isn’t as saturated can provide an opportunity for you to have a better chance at engaging with potential clients.

Additionally, being knowledgeable of the inventory in that particular location is incredibly important. Studying the MLS and immersing yourself in the local market will enrich the conversations you have with clients, and further propel your image and brand as an area expert.

4. Establish a routine

Make door-knocking a part of your weekly routine. Incorporate it into your fitness regimen, and look at it as a way to get to know a new neighborhood. Pick a few different areas to focus on each week. Team up with a colleague, and divide and conquer. Make it a fun activity that will ultimately elevate your career and brand.

5. Never give up

It’s easy to become discouraged when door-knocking isn’t going your way and you’re hearing a lot of “no.” It’s important to never give up and to believe in yourself. We have found that quantity is key. The more doors you knock on and doorbells you ring, the more you’ll be positioned for success. In our experience, it takes many, many tries to generate one lead. Stay determined!

All in all, door-knocking can be an impactful and memorable approach to establishing your name in new areas. Being strategic with each location and doing your research can provide an advantage when garnering new clients and potential listings. It’s important to always believe in yourself, never give up and establish a routine — this will be your ticket to success.

David Parnes is a director at The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on InstagramJames Harris is a director at The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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