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NCOIL names committee leadership for 2022

The National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) has announced its lineup of committee chairs and vice chairs for 2022.

“I am looking forward to working with such an outstanding group of bipartisan legislative leaders from all across the country who are committed to strengthening NCOIL’s role as the nation’s premier legislator-led insurance public policy organization, and protecting the state-based system of insurance regulation,” said NCOIL President Ken Cooley, a state assemblyman from California. “Each legislator has carved out their role and importance to NCOIL, as they all have significant knowledge and expertise in the insurance and financial services arenas that will serve them well in leading their committees.”

The new NCOIL chairs and vice chairs are:

Articles of incorporation/bylaws

  • Chair: Rep. Wendi Thomas, Pennsylvania
  • Vice chair: Rep Carl Anderson, South Carolina

Joint state-federal relations and international insurance issues

  • Chair: Sen. Paul Utke, Minnesota
  • Vice chair: Rep. Brenda Carter, Michigan

Audit committee

  • Chair: Asm. Kevin Cahill, New York
  • Vice chair: Sen. Neil Breslin, New York

Life insurance and financial planning

  • Chair: Asw. Maggie Carlton, Nevada
  • Vice chair: Sen. Walter Michel, Mississippi

Budget committee

  • Chair: Rep. Tom Oliverson, Texas
  • Vice chair: Sen. Neil Breslin, New York

NCOIL-NAIC dialogue

  • Chair: Asm. Kevin Cahill, New York
  • Vice chair: Rep. Tom Oliverson, Texas

Financial services and multi-lines issues

  • Chair: Rep. Edmond Jordan, Louisiana
  • Vice chair: Rep. Jim Dunnigan, Utah

Property and casualty insurance

  • Chair: Rep. Bart Rowland, Kentucky
  • Vice chair: Sen. Vicki Sawyer, North Carolina

Health insurance and long-term care issues

  • Chair: Asw. Pam Hunter, New York
  • Vice chair: Del. Steve Westfall, West Virginia

Workers’ compensation insurance

  • Chair: Sen. Bob Hackett, Ohio
  • Vice chair: Rep. Hank Zuber, Mississippi

Nominating committee

  • Co-chair: Sen. Jason Rapert, Arkansas
  • Co-chair: Rep. Matt Lehman, Indiana

Chairman at large

  • Sen. Jerry Klein, North Dakota

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“In 2022, NCOIL will continue to work tirelessly to advance model legislation that protects consumers and preserves the proven state-based system of insurance regulation,” said Tom Considine, CEO of NCOIL. “It is important to remember that the strongest consumer protection is a solvent company at the time of a claim, so legislators must always keep insurer solvency in mind.

“This group of chairs and vice chairs that Assemblyman Cooley has selected is committed to those goals and will certainly contribute to the positive growth and momentum NCOIL has experienced the past several years.”

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