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MoxiWorks Predicts 30% Rise in Home Sales By End of January

Real estate tech platform and marketing agency MoxiWorks predicts the month of January will net 422,000 U.S. home sales while February will see a total of 447,000 home sales, according to the company’s Home Sales Predictor.

If the company’s predictions are correct, those figures would represent a 30 percent annual increase in sales from January 2020 and a 33 percent annual increase in sales from February 2020.

Credit: MoxiWorks

For these sales predictions, MoxiWorks draws on data from the number of presentations created within the company’s presentation builder, MoxiPresent, and matches it against MLS sold listings data.

York Baur

MoxiWorks CEO York Baur. (Credit: MoxiWorks)

Back in December, the company released a slightly more conservative prediction for January sales, predicting 415,000 total sales.

MoxiWorks CEO York Baur noted that this year’s record sales numbers have proven that real estate agents are only bound by their own perceived limits, a sentiment he sees as true even in the face of very challenging circumstances, like a pandemic.

“For years we’ve discussed that there is no need to limit ourselves to an average of only 5 million home sales each year,” Baur said in a statement. “So why has the industry continued to settle at this milestone? In 2020, there were 5.65 million home sales AND that is with a pandemic. For better or worse, this pandemic forced many agents to do what they hadn’t always done before and that’s make the market.”

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