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Mortgage Fintech Firm FirstClose Acquires HomeScout

The company hopes to transform real estate engagement for the consumer and industry professionals by creating a one-stop solution for finding loan officers and real estate agents.

Mortgage fintech provider FirstClose announced its acquisition of newly formed HomeScout Tuesday, saying it would create a one-stop solution for finding loan officers and real estate agents. 

FirstClose acquired Reflect Resources, DBA Moxie Consulting, and Home Buyers Marketing, combining both companies to form HomeScout as a wholly-owned subsidiary of FirstClose. With this acquisition, the company hopes to transform real estate engagement for the consumer, lender and real estate agents.

HomeScout will bring together various services to the mortgage and title industries, including purchase and portfolio business solutions, lead generation, lead qualification, agent match, monitoring and a real estate referral network, bringing marketing engagement to the forefront leveraging property data and insights. HomeScout provides a consumer-facing real estate experience to find a home, find a loan and find a real estate agent.

HomeScout will be led by industry veteran and real estate engagement expert David Camp, who will lead as president of HomeScout. He brings extensive expertise in creating and delivering customer experiences in the real estate and mortgage industries. He is the former CEO of Reflect Resources, a media company focused on providing marketing, sales and lead generation services.

Camp will be working closely with Steve Polston, founder of Home Buyers Marketing, who will serve as executive vice president of enterprise relationships.

“The demand for a personal and highly engaging experience throughout the real estate transaction has become a business imperative,” FirstClose CEO Tedd Smith said. “FirstClose’s powerful settlement services, extensive property data collection and expertise, combined with HomeScout’s engagement solutions, will transform the customer experience throughout the real estate transaction.”

As FirstClose seeks to transform the real estate transaction, Inman moderator Clelia Peters said that there are three types of financing that are preparing to disrupt real estate transactions, as she explained in an Inman Connect Now session Tuesday entitled “Disruptions in Financing: What’s Coming Next.” 

In the session, Peters dove into what real estate agents need to know about the major players in transaction facilitation, mortgage alternatives and home equity access.

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