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Meaningful lead engagement is the future of real estate success

The undeniable value of a real estate CRM is old news. We know that agents who use a CRM for their day-to-day business operations see more success (an average of 18% more business than their peers).

We also know what a good CRM can do: expert lead generation, IDX website, predictive lead insights, streamline workflow, etc.

But the industry is evolving, consumer demands are sky-high, and agents are busier than ever. Thus, your lead engagement needs to evolve too. Today’s successful real estate business has to deliver Amazon convenience and boutique service.

Meaningful engagement

Success Assurance, BoomTown’s lead engagement service, monitors your entire database for unique lead behaviors that indicate a readiness to transact. For example, viewing a listing multiple times in 24 hours, calculating a loan, requesting a showing, favoriting a property, etc.

Based on these lead behaviors, a Lead Concierge (real, US-based sales professionals – no bots!) will engage the lead on your behalf to qualify them and then pass them off when they are conversation-ready. This data-driven, hands-on lead engagement allows you (and your real estate business) not only to be in the right place at the right time but also to deliver the right message. I.e., meaningful.

The right speed to the right lead

Speed-to-lead has been the goal for years with varying rules of thumb for how quickly you should respond, from five minutes to five hours. The truth is, you need to have the right speed to the right leads. Sensing a theme here?

BoomTown uses data points to evaluate which leads have the highest likelihood of transacting and determine the best plan of engagement. Driving higher quality conversations, a seamless lead experience, and, ultimately, more conversions.

Agents are busy. ISAs are busy. No one on your team can work around the clock to assure that every single opportunity within your database is capitalized on, which is why BoomTown decided to do it for you. A win-win for agents and clients alike.

Bob Clarkson, Broker/Owner of The Alliance Group in Hilton Head Island, SC, leveraged BoomTown to close over 400 transactions and $170M in sales in 2020. He notes, “Success Assurance was a game-changer. It basically took the burden off the agents. Otherwise, they’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs and search for a lot of needles in the haystack.”

Full database monitoring = Full ROI

Let’s talk about dollar value for a minute.

Here are two truths (and no lie):

  1. Size matters: Agents with a database of more than 500 contacts have an average of 25% more transactions than those with fewer than 500 contacts.
  2. Old leads are fold leads: Agents who have systematic follow-up processes in place for both past and new leads do, on average, 22% more transactions than those who don’t and 10% more transactions than those who only target new leads.

BoomTown already helps you grow your database. It helps you monitor lead behaviors and know who to reach out to and when. But with Success Assurance, the company takes it even further by handling it for you. Your entire database is monitored 24/7, helping you stay on top of not only new leads but also old and cold leads that reengage.

Success Assurance surfaces opportunities within your database you’d never be able to uncover on your own. Helping you make more connections, close more deals, and experience peak ROI with your real estate CRM.

Ready to assure your success with conversation-ready leads from BoomTown? Click here to learn more.

The data in this article is based on findings from a 2021 RealTrends study.

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