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Marketing Through Video? Here’s How To Get 10X Reach On Your Efforts

The more video you create, the better you get at it. As you expand your content creation and share videos more creatively, you’ll see a massive ROI. To aid in your expanding marketing efforts, here are five simple types of videos you can easily make and creative ideas for pushing them out into the world.

As we consistently hear, the more video you do, the more comfortable and better you will get at it. It also stands to reason that as you expand the types of videos you create and get more creative in sharing them, the larger the return on investment. Let’s discuss five types of videos that you can share in five different ways.

5 easy-to-make videos

Video 1: The welcome video or introduction 

Every agent should have that 10- to 30-second elevator pitch that they know inside and out to convey their value proposition and intent. Recording it on video is a great way to expand your ability to deliver that pitch to more people.  

Video 2: Lead follow-up

First, you should be using a CRM (customer relationship management program) to task and systematize your connections with the numerous leads and relationships you are generating daily. 

But what content are you sending them? Do you remember just to check in and remind them that you are simply here to help? This is a straightforward video that can spark a chain reaction causing buyers or sellers to reach out to you as soon as they are ready. 

Video 3: Next steps

When moving a relationship from lead to client, then client to close, there are numerous steps along the way. Are you communicating those next steps effectively? 

Remember, people don’t read; they scan. So if you have tons of information to share, consider breaking it down into 1- to 2-minute videos that are shared along a timeline that helps your customer stay on track and educated.

Video 4: Testimonials/storytelling

You don’t always have to film your customer to get a great ROI on a testimonial. Guess what! You can read the testimonial aloud and share the background story via video. You can also do a moving carousel of testimonials as slide show images that people can read along with.  

Sharing stories is also the oldest marketing tradition of all. Use video to share past clients’ stories or examples that you know will help others as they work through their own transactions. These meaningful stories and examples of what to do and what not to do will certainly help customers grow their trust in you and how you deliver on a customer’s experience.  

Video 5: Pre- and post-transaction processes

Last but certainly not least, when trying to build a business or retain past clients, a great strategy is to record messages that speak to the different questions people have in those in-between spaces. 

For example, record a video that reminds past clients of their home anniversary, to file for homestead exemption or to change their air filters.

Before working with a buyer or seller, another opportunity would include recording tips on building their credit or preparing your home for sale and staging tips. The goal is to deliver content that is relevant to them at the stage they are in.  

5 ways to execute video delivery

Depending on the video type and the customer relationship, here are five ways to deliver your video. 

  1. Privately email it using a service such as BombBomb, or attach it as a link from another site (Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  2. Privately text it! The same applies from above (BombBomb, YouTube and Facebook links work here, too!).
  3. Post it to your social channels publicly — Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram, to name a few.
  4. Send a direct message privately, sharing a video from your social channels or one that you organically added to Messenger.
  5. Hand-deliver, or mail your video! I love that there are services such as RedPaperPlane that you can use to deliver video right to someone’s doorstep! What an impression that makes.  

Whatever method you choose, think about your customers first. Imagine how they will experience your marketing and communication, and always look for ways to help and improve.  

Kendall E. Bonner, Esq., is a broker-owner at RE/MAX Capital Realty in Florida. Connect with her on TwitterFacebookInstagram or LinkedIn 

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