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March Into Mortgage And Alternative Finance Month At Inman

This month, we’ll talk to mortgage leaders about where the market is headed and how products are evolving digitally to suit buyers’ needs now. We’ll also explore emerging alternative financing options that are changing the game for buyers and sellers. Join us for Mortgage and Alternative Financing Month.

Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to financing their home purchase and selling their current home. As Brad Inman wrote in a February opinion piece:

Consumers can go the traditional route of a home loan with a local bank, but they also have choices like Knock’s Home Swap and Homeward, which offers a financing alternative to what a borrower might find with Bank of America or Wells Fargo.  

New sources of funding are paperless, more efficient and faster to close, making the old dogs look irrelevant in the digital age. 

Some say too many choices can be confusing. But do you feel that way when you go on Amazon? No, because with more choices come better technology tools to help us make smarter decisions like comparison shopping, ratings and product details.

This month, we’ll dig into all of the options facing consumers and how agents can stay informed and even leverage them to their advantage.

What to expect

  • Features on big-box brokerages’ mortgage options
  • Interviews with top mortgage leaders
  • An explainer on all the terms agents should know
  • Reviews of new products
  • Product updates
  • Inman Handbooks:
    • Knock
    • Unison
    • Landed
    • Divvy

How to get involved

Each week, we’ll pose a new questions in our Pulse survey. Please weigh in with your insights and experiences in our anonymous, one-question survey, and we’ll share the results the following week.

Have more to say? We’d love for you to become a contributor. For more information on that, reach out to our contributors editor.

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