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Look outside the MLS to unlock inventory with Remine

Did you know that there are more agents in 2021 than there are new MLS listings?

Low interest rates and a great migration for more space led to bidding wars and a 40-year low in inventory. Sitting back and hoping that a new listing will pop up for your clients is not going to give you the sustained edge you need to succeed—unless you have Remine Pro.

Successful listing agents have long been disciplined at prospecting and leveraging data to drive their businesses and, now more than ever, it’s time for buyer agents to do the same. Fortunately, it is not as daunting of a task as you might think. Remine makes data simple and fun.

Tap into data outside the MLS

Remine Pro is the antidote for a low inventory market and helps busy agents leverage their time. It is a core technology platform offered in 60 MLS markets and provides powerful search and collaboration tools for agents and clients.

In most markets, less than 1% of all inventory is listed on the MLS at any time, which means that most of the unclaimed opportunities are lurking in public record data. Remine’s special sauce is bringing the other 99% of opportunities to your fingertips (and to your clients). The platform does this with a fluid search of public records, MLS entries, and consumer data across 150 million parcels in 50 states. And its new Advanced Search is the most powerful in the business to give you total control of your market.

Show your clients the tools you have at your disposal

You can use Remine’s intuitive search to see opportunities on a map before they hit the market. And best of all, you can invite your clients to have this powerful off-market search capability by inviting them to Remine. This way you can invite your clients to a self-service search to leverage your time. You can both share and collaborate on properties that are both on MLS and off-market. There is also full workflow parity between desktop and mobile so you and your clients will both have this edge when you are driving around.

No other MLS search solution unlocks real estate insights and opportunities for you like Remine Pro. If you want to earn your clients’ trust, then provide them with a public record search tool that complements their MLS portal searches.

Pro tip: Remine’s CMA 360 is the only one in the business that scans off-market transactions so you don’t have any blind spots. This is critical in iBuyer markets!

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About Remine

Remine provides a full, end-to-end platform and suite of services for 1.2 million agents across 60 MLS markets.

We offer a complete MLS 2.0® operating system for MLSs which includes Remine Pro (a full front-end operating system), Add/Edit (which can write to multiple systems), Database, and API solutions. In addition, Remine offers a modern SSO Dashboard, Docs+ Transaction Management with e-Sign and Smart Forms, and MLS Website. Remine technology is RESO Platinum Certified and the only MLS vendor that is ISO 27001 Certified.

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