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Local Logic Updates With Enhanced Demographic Data, Granular Market Reporting

The website add-on tool from Local Logic made listings shine with local narratives. New features do even more with big data and buyer information tools.

Local Logic provides real estate websites with a plugin that adds an additional content layer of nearby lifestyle data. It helps agents enrich their websites, enhance listing appeal, and per its name, augment their knowledge of local markets.

The team behind the tech has been busy in the past three years since its initial review. As has become more common these days, Local Logic now leverages the unfathomable volumes of accessible personal data to help agents do more than make listings look better.

Local Logic now provides a subset of tools that dig even deeper into the socioeconomic trends that determine how communities grow.

Whereas before it shared surface-level information about restaurants and parks, now it’s a dynamic steam-shovel, unearthing troves of usable bits on transportation trends, noise levels, and zoning, among other factors that help people choose where to live and build.

Agents can work with their buyers (or investors) to examine the average age in a neighborhood, population densities and education levels.

As is the case with other data-based business information resources, agents need to tread lightly. They need to be the source of the source, which becomes less challenging when their name is on the Local Logic account. Walking this line is what being a professional is all about, so take it seriously.

Local Logic displays this data in a series of landing page maps, which can be viewed by clicking a series of corresponding icons. Slide-out menus reveal in-depth real estate and supply and demand statistics, such as consumer demand, average number of homes on the market, cost-per-square-foot, time on market and so on.

It can also sort by housing type, household composition and education levels. These reports can be searched using tags and exported to PDF for additional sharing.

One incredibly cool facet of this upgraded user experience is the pin/zoom tool. Users can drop a pin on a map and use it to fly into a tight, 3D view of the community.

I think this amps up the appeal of Local Logic, especially as it relates to agents wanting more out of a CMA or their listing presentation. Buyer’s agents can leverage it for those clients who can’t seem to get a grasp on why their offers continue to get rejected.

If you’re already using Local Logic, you’ve no doubt seen these sharp new features. If your 2021 goals include bettering your local presence or upping your website’s role in the sales funnel, this might be your solution.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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