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Capturing seller leads is always tough, and in this competitive market, it can take a lot of time, money, and effort to beat your competitors for that elusive listing. Agents can increase their likelihood for success with a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all facets of the lead lifecycle, using tools that help automate and personalize each step of the process to ensure consistency and professionalism.


NAR projects an approximate total of 7.1 million home listings in all of 2021. If you split that amongst the approximate 2 million agents across the U.S., that’s only 3.5 listings per agent over the course of the entire year! Add to it that the median house price is $359,999, that number does NOT pay the bills!

So…what should an agent do?

Agents should do everything they can to leverage their existing sphere of opportunity and expand it. This entails taking a hard look at all of your existing marketing and lead generation tools, and determining where you have ‘gaps’ that can be filled. We’ve created a FREE GUIDE that you can download to walk you step-by-step through this process, but here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Invest in your brand

Positioning yourself against your key competitors takes thought. What do prospective clients see first when they Google you and are you presenting the right story to the right prospect? t’s the little things that matter, so pay attention to your logo, color scheme, fonts, tagline and slogans, the imagery you use to represent who you are, what you do, and the value you bring.

2. Focus on lots of touchpoints

The average consumer needs a minimum of eight touchpoints with your brand. We like to recommend to our clients that they use a variety of marketing tools to accomplish this task, automating what makes sense.

Here’s an example: You invested in lead generation through a service that provided you with a potential seller. That lead should IMMEDIATELY receive an automated text and email from you introducing yourself and letting them know you’ll be in touch asap. You then call the lead and capture preliminary information so you can quickly follow up with an intelligent, personalized CMA from your CRM. Within moments of your call, your email over the CMA and follow up to schedule a convenient time to discuss. Wow! Within the first half-hour of capturing the lead, you’ve already touched them four to five times AND have taken the conversation to an entirely new level. The best part? Outside of the telephone call and triggering the CMA inside of your CRM, everything else was done automatically for you, which was the secret to your speed of response. What an impressive start to a relationship!

3. Use a quality CRM

The above speed of response experience would not have been possible without the use of a quality CRM that is designed to automate outreach and move people through an intelligent workflow. Automation gets a bad reputation, but if it’s connected to a thoughtful set of rules and outreach, it is the only way you can effectively communicate with a larger prospect audience and stay top of mind.

4. Focus on a killer listing presentation

Whether you are presenting in person or virtually, make sure you are 100% prepared to impress. Make sure you do your research on the client, the house, the neighborhood, and the opportunity. Dress appropriately. Be on time. Have a solid marketing strategy to present with any positive past results. Most importantly, listen. Ask open-ended questions and pay attention to responses. Consumers want to work with someone that “gets them” and understands their wants and needs.

5. Market. Market. Market.

Successful marketing is more than just the MLS. Invest in quality imagery. Focus on a gorgeous lifestyle-oriented property description, and proofread for any typos! If appropriate, consider a single property website to really showcase your list, and then be sure to syndicate across social media, your blog, print (yard signs, riders, postcards, flyers, etc).

Want more tips?

Download this educational guide and get the tips, tricks, and strategies from the pros to make the lead capture-to-conversion process as seamless, scalable, and successful as possible. Content includes:

  • Capturing Seller Leads
  • Securing the Listing
  • A Good Listing Should Include…
  • Marketing the Listing
  • Pictures that Capture Attention & Leads
  • Websites that Attractive & Capture Leads
  • Showcasing / Syndicating Listings with Social Media
  • Professional Designed Print Collateral
  • After the Sale (Leveraging the experience)
  • Tips, Tricks & Strategies

You’ll receive a link to create a FREE custom listing presentation and other FREE marketing offerings to help you kick-start your online lead generation.


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