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Let Your Voice Be Heard: Become An Inman Contributor Today

At Inman, we strive to bring you the latest news, insights, tips and tricks that will improve your career and make your daily life easier — and our contributors are a driving force in that mission.

We have a network of 500+ real estate professionals who have contributed to Inman, with a bullpen of about 30 regular contributors who write weekly, bi-weekly and monthly articles for us.

But it’s not just about us.

Below some of our top contributors will sound off on why they give so much of themselves to better the Inman community as well as the benefits they’ve enjoyed as a result.

What makes contributors want to contribute?

Here’s why our contributors love writing for us:

“If you are going to be associated with anyone, look to associate with the best! I was drawn to contribute to Inman by the mere fact that Inman is the leading source for real estate information in the world.” – Jimmy Burgess

The benefits of becoming an Inman contributor

Here are some of the many benefits of becoming an Inman contributor:


You will have a network of contributors to collaborate with via our contributors group on Facebook. And you will have an audience composed of our national readers. Our audience is hands-on, so you will likely interact with them through the comments on your stories as well as on social media.

Jimmy Burgess

“As a contributor to Inman, I’ve seen my social media, podcast and YouTube followings grow at a pace that would have been hard to duplicate without access to contributing on Inman. If you want to share your expertise and have an impact on our great industry, then Inman is the place to be!” – Jimmy Burgess

Opportunity to raise your voice

We’re always open to new voices and perspectives, and we work hard to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard. Diversity and inclusion are a priority for us.

Dr. Lee Davenport

“Inman News allows real estate pros from all walks of life to have a microphone for our voices.  That — inclusion — is not true for many aspects of the real estate industry so Inman News has been an industry trailblazer of diversity and inclusion (and frankly, should be recognized as such).” – Dr. Lee Davenport


Inman’s Connect events in Las Vegas and New York and our virtual series Connect Now are packed with top industry thought leaders, and speakers are often plucked right from Inman’s contributor pages. We also often offer contributors discounted rates for events.

Bernice Ross

“The Inman team is constantly seeking new faces and fresh perspectives to be on stage at Connect. Writing great columns can be a launching pad for stepping into leadership or having a career as speaker.” – Bernice Ross


Contributors have a plethora of networking opportunities — from in-person and online events to our Facebook group for contributor discussions and story ideas.

Jay Thompson

“My relationship with Inman began over a dozen years ago when I attended my first Inman Connect conference in New York City in 2008. I’ve since lost count of the number of Connect events I’ve attended, but I haven’t lost track of the friends I made at these events. Connect has allowed me to meet new friends, rub elbows with C-suite executives of the biggest brands in real estate and much more. Inman is more than a community, it’s a family.” – Jay Thompson

Authority and credibility

Contributors who write frequently are often seen as (and become) the authority on their areas of expertise.

Christy Murdock Edgar

“I have not only grown my credibility and influence, I have had the joy of hearing from scores of readers who have been inspired, informed, and impacted by the advice and insights I’ve been able to provide. As one person, there is a limit to the number of agents I can help on any given day. As an Inman writer, I am able to reach thousands and change how they approach their professional lives.” – Christy Murdock

“Whether you’re a new or experienced contributor, your work at Inman will be seen by the industry’s top leaders, the innovators, agents at all experience levels, and most importantly, gives you credibility that is difficult to obtain almost anywhere else. For those of you who are active practitioners, it can lead to referrals and great business friendships on a national basis.” – Bernice Ross


Not only will you have access to our large network of contributors, but you will also have access to many of Inman’s contacts and direct access to a responsive editorial team that will work closely with you throughout the publishing process to make sure we put out a product all of us are proud of. And if you ever have a newsy tip, we’re all ears.

“I am always amazed at the wide reach Inman has — there isn’t a month that goes by where I am not chatting with someone who first met me at an Inman event or who has read my column on Inman. The networking and reach is invaluable!” – Katie Lance

“As a contributor I’ve been asked to participate with other top producing, industry leaders from around the country on panel discussions for Inman Connect. The relationships I’ve built through Inman have given me the ability to network with the best of the best.” – Jimmy Burgess

Up-to-date information

We have a contributor’s Facebook group that will inform you of what’s going on at Inman, introduce you to other contributors, keep you in the know about the stories and topics that are performing well, update you about our upcoming editorial themes and calendar, and let you know about industry events.

Not only will we keep you in the know, but researching your story ideas will also help keep you on top of industry trends, shifts and perspectives.

“I’ve enjoyed contributing to Inman for over two years. It’s helped me stay on top of industry issues, improved my writing, and provides me a widely read platform to engage on issues important to the real estate community. The exposure of my thoughts and opinions gained from publishing my column have led to opportunities outside the Inman ecosystem which have further enriched my personal and professional life. Can’t recommend contributing to Inman highly enough!” – Jay Thompson

“The conversations that we get to join and even start via the audience of Inman News are remarkable. I feel like this industry would be a much lonelier place if I wasn’t actively contributing to Inman News. I am getting close to 10 years of contributing — thanks Inman News!” – Lee Davenport

A professional challenge

Our contributors are exceptional agents and brokers who enjoy the challenge of sharing their knowledge and voice with other agents.

While the exposure Inman provides for my work is incredible, my personal ‘Big Why’ for writing a weekly column is it’s the best way for me to contribute to the industry that has given me so much over the years. It challenges me every week to grow my writing skills, to keep pace with where the industry is trending, and to help Inman readers have a better business and a better personal life.” – Bernice Ross

Other benefits:

Inman logo: Once you are officially a contributor, you are welcome to request the Inman contributor logos. The logos can be used on marketing materials and your email signature — every email you send will reinforce your voice in the industry. All we ask is that you link the logo back to your author’s page on our website.

Editing: Although we ask for first-use privilege per our contributors guidelines, we are happy to return your work to you — professionally edited and ready to publish on your website or blog — free of charge, and all you have to do is ask.

Improved writing skills: Many of our editors have master’s degrees in journalism with emphasis in magazine editing. We will work with you step by step on accepted drafts until your article publishes on Inman.

These are just a few of the benefits contributors enjoy. For the answers to any additional questions you might have, please visit our contributors guidelines and FAQs.

If you’re interested in joining this prestigious group of industry professionals, please reach out to or We look forward to working with you.

“I love our contributors: they are smart, diverse and enrich the Inman newsfeed every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generosity of your expert advice. The industry gets better because of you.” – Brad Inman

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