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LeadJolt Plugs Into The Power Of Facebook Lead Gen

The ISA-based advertising and marketing company creates and helps agents monitor lead generation campaigns on Facebook. Its month-to-month contracts make it stand out among its hardline competitors.

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LeadJolt is a marketing service that creates and manages digital lead-generation campaigns

Platforms: Browser, mobile
Ideal for: New agents needing to build databases, brokerages and teams

Top selling points:

  • Facebook-centric
  • Heavily emphasizes manual ISA follow-up
  • Appointment booking
  • Guarantees seven appointments a month
  • Month-to-month contracts

Top concerns:

Agents will still want to apply their own standards for lead quality, even after appointments are set for them. While this company is more transparent and diligent in its standards, use your expertise to augment what it offers.

What you should know

LeadJolt is a lead generation service that executes Facebook ad campaigns on behalf of its customers. New leads are entered into provided follow-up campaigns and monitored carefully by the company’s in-house team of inside sales agents (ISAs).

They’ll call, text and email the person regularly for 10 days (or longer), and agents are handed the lead when a response dictates it. Follow-up ends at a response.

The company does not do live hand-offs, which I think is beneficial, as there is valuable information to be gathered before a true one-to-one conversation should be had. For example, the ISA can let you know what ad initiated the filling out of the lead form, and what the person offered up in terms of a budget and location.

LeadJolt tracks every step of their campaign, categorizing people as “unqualified,” “unresponsive” after 12 attempts, “partially qualified” and “leads.” They also ask agents to report a person who didn’t show up to a qualified appointment.

Contacts are sorted in a Trello-like spreadsheet of individual, actionable “cards,” each with contact information, lead type (listing/buyer) and other pertinent details.

Automations can run for up to 35 days in some cases for recent contacts or be subject to a “forever follow-up.”

I admit to being concerned about the company’s guarantee to offer 50 leads and seven appointments a month. In my opinion, it’s only a lead if it’s an appointment. The other 43 are contacts.

That said, LeadJolt is exceptionally open to change and provides customers weekly campaign audits to discuss Facebook campaign performance.

Your ISA will regularly test new “lead magnets,” (free consultations, home valuations, etc.) and carefully deconstruct ad copy and visuals to ensure the best possible ad is being presented. In other words, you won’t be ghosted.

No ISA at LeadJolt works with more than seven agents and remains in consistent contact to help you understand the rationale behind every follow-up.

It also provides a “database reactivation” campaign, where users can provide existing or old leads to be targeted. This is similar to Adwerx’s Sphere product or RE/MAX’s First, which monitors the market activity of existing contacts.

It’s a valuable feature. After all, the names in your database are only inactive, not dead (likely).

The user interface itself is effective but designed more for the ISAs than an agent who’ll be interacting in it every day. I do like the dashboard that offers a look into existing opportunities, pipeline value and the conversion rate.

On that note, don’t consider this a direct road to your annual revenue goals. You still have to close every lead you get. And you’ll want your ad themes and content to tie in to other online outreach efforts, especially your website.

LeadJolt was very open about their ISA team being located in Honduras. A lot of companies are very cagey about such things. Those handling your follow-up and appointments work only for LeadJolt and have no fewer than four years experience as an ISA.

(I often have to pull this information from companies by unraveling surreptitious euphemisms for “outsourced” and foreign.) In short, LeadJolt stands behind its hiring practices, and this matters.

Also important: Agents are not locked in to long-term contracts. It’s a month-to-month deal — a rarity in the world of lead generation services.

LeadJolt fits into a nice niche. It’s not totally automated, offers up ongoing performance tracking and is confident enough in its service to offer 30-day agreements. If you’re in a lead drought, maybe this is the right tap to turn.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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