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KvCORE’s Spring 2021 Release Is Faster, Smarter And More Connected

Updates to the user experience and some sharply engineered new functionality demonstrate why Inside Real Estate’s flagship software kvCORE remains an industry favorite.

The type of updates Inside Real Estate is now making in its flagship software can only be done when your product is this proven.

The latest edition of kvCORE is all about honing, grinding and making shine what was already a super sharp real estate business solution. It’s like a new Ferrari — all they can do is improve upon what’s already there.

Fully self-aware of how much functionality kvCORE offers, the company focused its spring 21 release on reducing clicks, connecting tools and bettering access to data, features and functionality.

From hover-able sub-navigations to single sign-on to all additional kvCORE marketing and business tools, few components of the system were left unaffected by its goal to augment speed and ease of use.

The primary dashboard experience sorts activity using content cards that display everything from listing page activity to leads requiring follow-up. A menu is available to quickly “reshuffle” the cards according to category, such as properties with likes, missed tasks and contact form submissions.

Beyond the interface refreshes, kvCORE has given users some new stuff, too. Playbooks are curated sets of actions to execute critical business needs, such as Promoting a Listing, which is the first release.

Users can click into a Playbook, review its series of steps for confirmation, and in a couple more clicks, launch a marketing plan. Playbooks can be edited and saved, and later replicated. Future Playbooks will likely involve needs such as New Lead Follow-Up, Open House Marketing and so forth.

The Lead Details Page has been renovated completely, offering each lead their own full-screen resume. I like the Summary component, which is a bulleted list of how the lead came to be and what’s important about them.

The software also continually updates the lead’s latest activity, offering formal verification that it’s up to date, eliminating user need to comb through all the different points of interaction.

Inside kvCORE’s Smart CRM is a new way to manage leads and people at the brokerage, office, team and agent level called “Ponds.”

Ponds, a form of smart-grouping, allows for quick organization of like contacts, and permissions for each allow admins a good deal of flexibility in terms of who can access what, when.

And pond activity is tied into the deep analytics tools brokers can peruse to monitor agent success.

The companion app is branded by customer, and goes a long way toward consolidating so much into a mobile experience. Expect this to continue to be a part of kvCORE’s value proposition.

Again, everything new in kvCORE is to make the agent smarter before they engage a lead or make a business decision. It has new website creation functions, brokerage intranets and doesn’t force brokers to waste time or money assembling disconnected solutions.

The new(est) kvCORE is centered on connectivity and pace, keeping it high on the list of the industry’s most accessed technology platforms.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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