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Kukun offers buyers more power with newly released iHomeReport

Real estate data services company Kukun has launched a home property report tool that provides homebuyers and investors with financial and community intelligence to aid in offer situations and due diligence, according to a press release.

Called iHomeReport, the consumer-facing solution offers access to Kukun’s Investment Outlook Score (KIO), a proprietary key indicator of future home growth.

The KIO is generated from a combination of a deep ZIP code analysis and a home appreciation forecast. Backing those numbers is an algorithm using historical home price behavior, local and regional investment activity, and the overall economic status of the region.

Kukun’s proprietary database of home condition and predictive valuation analytics creates highly accurate growth forecasts over a five-year horizon, the release stated.

The iHomeReport offers its information in a digestible presentation that buyers, investors and agents can also use in comparative market analyses and general market reports.

Notably, Kukun’s new tool is another weapon in the data bandolier of buyers trying to compete in heated markets or make offers sight unseen, a trend that emerged from the pandemic but appears to be gaining ground as restrictions loosen.

For investors and buyers, iHomeReport will include information on the home’s expected five-year value, its city’s growth potential, how remodels may impact value and any previous construction records.

The software also includes a home’s distance to public amenities, such as trails, parks and healthcare facilities. School information and general real estate comps are included, too.

The industry is seeing more of these supportive software solutions, ranging from home repair evaluators to exhaustive socioeconomic mapping systems.

Collectively, they’re helping evolve the home listing into a stand-alone, data-driven ecosystem. Buyers have never been more informed.

The iHomeReport costs $39.95 and is the company’s first product in its iHome product series. Additional iHome products are slated for release later this year.

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