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Kentucky mayor’s health to be covered by top pet insurer

The mayor-elect of a small Kentucky town – set to be perhaps the youngest elected official in American history – has had his health insured by North America’s most comprehensive pet insurance provider.

Which is only fitting, since the mayor-elect of Rabbit Hash, Ky., is a six-month-old French bulldog.

Mayor-elect Wilbur Beast will be covered by Petplan. The insurer covers health issues common to Wilbur’s breed, including allergies, hip dysplasia, breathing issues, and heart murmur. The insurance will also cover behavioral care.

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“Wilbur is destined for big things, and both he and I are thrilled to start him off on the right paw health-wise,” said Amy Noland, Wilbur’s pet parent.

Rabbit Hash has elected animal mayors since 1998. Voting for mayor costs a dollar, with the money going to fund the town’s historical society, according to ABC affiliate WHAS.

Wilbur ran on a platform of mental health and breast cancer awareness, defeating incumbent pit bull mayor Brynneth Pawltro and a slate of other candidates including Stella the Fat Cat and a donkey named Higgins.

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