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Keller Williams Launches ‘Where Entrepreneurs Thrive’ Tagline At Mega Camp

On the last day of its annual training conference, Keller Williams launched the new tagline to celebrate the efforts of its agents and tout the strength of its tech, training and coaching suite.

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As part of its annual two-day training extravaganza, Keller Williams surprised more than 11,000 Mega Camp attendees with a new ‘Where Entrepreneurs Thrive’ marketing campaign and tagline that celebrates the Texas franchisor’s 40-year history.

The company unveiled the tagline with a five-minute video featuring Keller Williams Head of Transformation John Keller, who recounted the company’s transformation from “a little underdog company” to one of the largest real estate companies in the world.

“We went on a mission to define our decades-long purpose, and, we ended up right where we began,” he said. “We will continue to build the place where entrepreneurs thrive. It’s what we’re built to do, what we love to do, and what the industry needs us to do.”

Along with debuting the new tagline, the video served as a love letter to Keller Williams’ agents, who Keller said is powered by “purpose, by energy and passion, teamwork, trust in technology, integrity and culture” and a dedication to helping buyers and sellers through the various chapters of their lives.

“Gary Keller taught us that to be Realtors for life, we had to be more than Realtors — we’re coaches, therapists, mentors, mind readers and magicians,” Keller said of his father. “We’re digital hunters with a human touch, wheelers and dealers who only use our powers for good. We are advocates and shoulders to cry on, friends to lean on, and confidants to trust.”

“[You’re helping with] their first homes, their final homes, newly married, newly divorced, empty nesters or more on the way — its the most joyous, terrifying, hopeful times of all our lives because your clients are jumping off cliffs, and trusting you to build wings on the way down.”

Keller ended the video by reiterating the company’s dedication to building successful entrepreneurs through its various training, coaching and technology solutions, including Keller Williams’ year-long push to launch a sprawling collection of agent networking and education communities.

“We are reigniting a culture of supporting entrepreneurial visionaries,” he said. “You’re living in a home built for entrepreneurs to thrive, and true entrepreneurs don’t have to wait for doors to open for them. After all, we have our own lock boxes.”

Watch the full video below:

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