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What you’ve taught us will help more investors succeed

Benchmarks and trends are useful tools. But what’s most important is that we can use the information to enable investors like you to make the best decisions for their goals. You’ve given us valuable insights that can help ensure investors have the right allocation of stocks at every age, the appropriate mix of index and active strategies, and the right level of support when rebalancing and trading. To underscore this point, we’ve summarized key trends in an Investor Action Guide and included steps all investors can take as they manage their portfolios.

As investors, you’re remarkable. You’re more resilient than reactionary, staying the course whether we’re experiencing robust market growth or economic uncertainty. How America Invests tells your story and how you apply our investing principles—goals, balance, cost, and discipline—to your investing lives.

We believe this information will inspire others to analyze their investing strategies and take action, whether that means staying the course, adjusting their asset mix, or pursuing advice. On a larger scale, we also hope this research sparks meaningful dialogue in the industry, prompting improvements to the products and services available to all investors.

Thank you for helping us empower more investors to increase their chance for investment success.

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