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How To Wow Your Clients With A Standout Experience

Whether it’s through scheduling regular check-ins or developing custom marketing opportunities, proving to your clients that you’re there to help them navigate the process while creating exciting moments is what will set you apart from your competitors.

The buying and selling process is deeply personal, and it’s one of the most important decisions clients will make in their lifetime. As an agent, our role is to shepherd our clients through the process, guiding them through every step while making the entire experience as seamless as possible.

Throughout our careers, we’ve learned that being there for our clients is just as — if not more — important than presenting the very best homes to them. They need a support system, and creating special moments for them throughout the process shows how much you care.

What’s more, taking those extra steps helps ensure a longstanding relationship. Here, we’ve outlined a few of the touch points we’ve implemented in our business to deliver a smooth and positive experience for our clients.

1. Develop a customized presentation

For our clients, we always take a holistic approach to listing a home and develop digital listing presentations that are completely customized. This showcases the thought and effort you’re putting into listing or selling the home.

2. Hone your branding

Creating a brand identity for a home with a custom logo is a great way to offer a personalized approach to your client while also setting the home apart from others on the market.

On many different occasions, we’ve even created custom names for the property, which can be inspired by the street it’s located on or one of its standout features.

3. Deliver on marketing materials

Developing and delivering professionally drafted copy, carefully curated images and a customized property video to the client shows the care and attention you’ve placed on their property. Ensuring there are no typos in the copy and that everything is beautifully executed is of the utmost importance. 

4. Create an inviting environment

During a showing or open house, don’t forget to bring additional items to create a warm and inviting environment for potential buyers. We always make sure there are candles, fresh flowers, single-wrap cookies or candy available to those in attendance. Clients love this thoughtful approach. 

5. Offer digital alternatives

Due to COVID-19, showings and open houses have gone digital. We always provide digital alternatives with Zoom and FaceTime if a potential buyer does not feel comfortable visiting the home in person.

This shows the client that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get as much traffic to their property as possible despite the circumstances. 

6. Leverage social media

We love hosting open house events on our social media channels. We enjoy engaging with our viewers in real time and virtually meeting potential buyers.

People love the convenience and ease of hopping on their phone and checking out homes — especially if the property is located in a beautiful destination like Beverly Hills or Bel Air. Clients love this approach, and it shows how you’re working to get as many eyes on their property as possible. 

7. Offer options for presenting offers

Much like digital alternatives to showings and open houses, we’ve also begun offering digital options for presenting offers. Instead of a simple phone call, we’ve done Zoom meetings with our clients to still provide that personal touch to the buying and selling process.

8. Create exciting PR and marketing moments

We are fortunate to have a great public relations, marketing and social media team that help us create unique and exciting opportunities for our clients.

Whether it’s landing an article on the home in a national media outlet or creating a custom marketing piece that’s then shared with your database of interested buyers, sharing these “wins” with your clients keeps them abreast of the effort you’re putting into selling their property. 

9. Provide marketing updates

Provide clients with regular updates on how you’re marketing their property, whether that’s through custom marketing pieces or public relations. Sharing links to these items ensures everyone is in the know of the efforts being put forth on behalf of the client.

10. Schedule check-ins

Staying in touch with your client regularly and providing them with updates on the process is incredibly important. You want them to know you’re putting as much effort into selling their property as possible. We provide our clients with regular feedback reports on showings and potential buyers.

11. Close strong

When you finally reach the long-awaited closing of a home, finalize the process by giving the client a special gift or token of appreciation. This goes a long way and shows that you value your client’s business and trust.

The gift can be a simple flower arrangement for their new home or a more extravagant gift from a luxury brand like Tiffany. No matter how big or small, it’s the thought that counts. 

Partnering with an agent on the buying or selling of a home should be a seamless experience for the client. Developing key touch points that showcase the effort and attention you’re placing on a property will nurture trust and collaboration and ultimately lead to a positive transaction process.

Whether that’s scheduling regular check-ins, developing custom branding and marketing opportunities or thinking outside of the box, proving to your client that you’re there to help them navigate the process while creating exciting moments is what will set you apart from your competitors.  

David Parnes is a director at The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on InstagramJames Harris is a director at The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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