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How to Become A Local Real Estate Celebrity in 2021

To become an authority in your region and a top-selling agent, you need to become a master of engagement using video. So let’s look at how the best agents are leveraging video content in 2021.

Do you have a system for incorporating video into your real estate marketing campaigns? Notice, I’m not asking whether you use video in your digital marketing. I’m asking whether you have a system. These are two very different things.

If you’re shaking your head, then read on my friend. If you already have a digital marketing plan in place, I’m sending you a virtual high five, but you also should read on to make sure you’re getting the top ROI from your digital content.

To become an authority in your region and a top-selling agent, you need to become a master of engagement using video. So let’s look at how the best agents in the industry are leveraging video content in 2021.

Why video?

Video is one of the densest mediums available, meaning that there are several ways to add value. Think about the components of video:

  • There’s the top layer: The tip or content that you’re sharing.
  • There’s a second layer: The emotion or the feeling your viewers get when they watch your video — who you are and how you come across.
  • There’s a third layer: How you stand in your truth.

Krista Mashore

According to Krista Mashore, CEO of Homes by Krista and Krista Mashore Coaching, video is the key to attracting your local audience, connecting with leads and converting more clients online. “To be on video, you’ve got to be a bit of a rebel,” Mashore said. “There’s no hiding and no disguising your truth on video.”

Whereas you can hire someone else to write you some slick marketing copy or high converting email content, with video, it’s nearly impossible for you not to be directly involved with creating the content. This means the real you will shine through every time.

When you’re willing to put that part of yourself out there, it’s also nearly impossible to come across as anything other than giving. As Mashore likes to say, “When that camera turns on, the automatic attitude is ‘serve, don’t sell.’”

Your video engagement system

Now that you see why video is key, let’s start building your system for getting the top ROI from your digital marketing efforts.

Step 1: Choose consistency

Consistency is not always the flashiest goal. Consistency doesn’t guarantee 10,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel within the first month or promise an above average conversion rate on your video ads.

But consistency does:

  • Train your audience to look for your content
  • Prove you can be trusted to deliver value
  • Prime your audience to work with you

Mashore tells agents to remember the 8 C’s: “Commit to consistently producing content correctly so you can make a connection to convert more clients and customers.”

So, choose consistency because it’s a solid foundation for your video engagement system. Pick one or two days to show up for your audience on one channel at the same time each week.

Step 2: Understand the culture of your platform

You will want to choose one platform where your audience hangs out and make that your anchor channel. “The advice from digital marketers used to be, ‘You have to be everywhere.’ Now, we’re seeing a big shift. It’s more about being present on a specific platform,” Mashore said.

She often recommends YouTube for agents. You can post longer videos and drive traffic to your YouTube channel using shorter video clips on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. “Another great thing about YouTube is users go to YouTube because they want to watch a video, which means they’re more likely to have the sound turned on compared to other platforms like LinkedIn,” Mashore said.

By concentrating on one platform as your main digital content hub, you can really get to know how users of the platform prefer to consume content. When you become a model user of your preferred platform, you get to know the culture. And when you do this, your videos won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

“Imagine yourself at a cocktail party,” Mashore added. “You wouldn’t jump up on the table and start shouting about your latest listing. You would get to know the guests, have charming conversations, and casually slip in information if your listeners express interest.”

When you work within the culture of your social media platform, you’ll be able to do more with your content and spend less on production because you’ll get a feel for what works and why.

Step 3: Always be thinking about what stops the scroll

Going along with understanding the culture of your anchor platform, whenever you use social media, pay attention to what videos make you stop scrolling. From now on, you are never simply consuming social media. You are always thinking about what you can learn from your network. Take note of what they’re doing — not so much about the content, but more about the flow and what kept you engaged.

When you’re thinking about why you stopped scrolling, you’ll start to think differently about the opening of your own videos. Ask yourself: What is the most important thing for someone to hear so that they’ll stick around?

A final note: Instagram stories are an amazing asset because they always show up at the top of your viewers’ feeds. They’re actually outside of the scroll, so they won’t get lost as easily as a regular post might. Use Instagram (and LinkedIn) stories to promote your YouTube videos and drive traffic to your anchor content. Mashore said, “If you aren’t already, make sure to leverage this powerful social real estate.”

The fastest way to become the go-to authority in your region or niche is to develop an engagement strategy for video content. Build your digital marketing system, and make 2021 your best year yet.

Victoria Kennedy is CEO of Atman Real Estate. Connect with her via email.

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