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How the right products give agents their most valuable resource: time

As the housing market stays hot, agents need every edge to boost production and outperform the competition. At Coldwell Banker Real Estate, our team at The Studio, the largest in-house marketing agency in real estate, continues making incredible strides forward, developing tools that make our affiliated agents more efficient.

Our products serve agents in the moments that matter, making their workflow seamless, saving them time and money, and allowing them to devote full attention to their clients. While 2020 was spent perfecting our product offerings, working on user improvement, and launching new products, in 2021 we’re excited to roll out new products on a massive scale—ensuring the Coldwell Banker network has the tech, education, and services that ensure our agents continue to excel.

In this market, the Coldwell Banker Product Suite gives Coldwell Banker affiliated agents a clear advantage. From winning the listing to locating the buyers to closing the deal, our products do it all.

Make your listing shine

Coldwell Banker’s Listing Concierge is a comprehensive listing marketing system that provides affiliated agents with support to help their clients’ listings shine. Listing Concierge marries world-class service with innovative technology to offer agents a host of marketing services— photography, brochures, direct mail, advertising, TV, social media advertising and more. Properties that use Listing Concierge close with a 2.6% higher commission rate* than those that don’t.

Fill your pipeline with potential buyers

Home inventory is moving fast and routinely selling above asking price, so agents need insight into buyers and sellers. AI-powered products like Coldwell Banker’s CBx Buyer Locator give Coldwell Banker agents a competitive edge by showing where qualified home buyers are likely to come from, so they can focus on marketing homes to the areas with potential buyers.

This year, we launched the integration of Buyer Locator into Moxi Present, an award-winning listing presentation platform, to create CBx + Moxi Present. Coldwell Banker Realty affiliated agents who use CBx + Moxi Present have experienced a 100% higher average sales volume**. In 2020, we began rolling out CBx + Moxi Present to our Coldwell Banker affiliates and it will be widely available to all in 2021.

Get a jump on listings with a powerful affiliated network

When representing buyers, there is stiff competition for almost any home on the market today. By the time a listing is posted online, there may already be offers on it. Clients are looking for agents who have access to exclusive listings so they can make an offer fast. The Coldwell Banker brand’s Exclusive Look platform allows affiliated agents to share listings exclusively among Coldwell Banker agents within their brokerage through CB Exclusives. And Sneak Peeks enables agents to broadcast a new listing the moment it’s signed to as many as 94,000 agents throughout the Coldwell Banker network, one full business day before it hits the MLS.

Polish up your personal branding

Agents can further set themself apart from the competition, but they need strong branding. Coldwell Banker’s Design Concierge, part of The Studio, helps agents create a brand that’s powerful and memorable. The full-service team specializes in real estate branding to deliver the best possible design solutions without the typical agency price. When agents partner with Design Concierge, they have access to personal branding packages and a full menu of semi-custom and custom products—logos, professional bios, business cards, brochures, and more.

For the right products, have the right partner

With so many products on the market today, it can be overwhelming for agents to understand what they need. Coldwell Banker Real Estate has done this legwork by developing simple, user-friendly products that save affiliated agents time and stress.

Because of our size and scale, The Studio includes tech talent that understands the real estate business and the needs of today’s agents when developing our products in house. That’s how we developed products like Desk, our virtual office where affiliated agents can access all of the tools they need to conduct business from one integrated platform. We also know when there is already a fantastic existing product, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel; we can customize it to offer our agents what competitors cannot.

When we invest in the right products and train our affiliated agents to use them, agents become more efficient and productive.

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*Based on Coldwell Banker Realty Listing Concierge usage data reported through May 31, 2020
**Based on MoxiPresent usage data for Coldwell Banker Realty for the time period of 2016-2019

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