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How personalized service drives repeat business

By showing up and offering a hand, you lay the foundation for flourishing relationships. Add integrity to the mix, and you have a winning recipe for repeat business.

For clients, luxury real estate involves some of the biggest decisions—and transactions—they’ll ever have to make. So when people find an agent they can depend on, they maintain that relationship long-term. It’s our job to earn and nurture these relationships, not only as real estate experts, but as advisors, coaches, neighbors, and friends.

Over 90% of my business comes from repeat clients or past buyers and sellers who have referred me to family, friends, and colleagues. My belief is that if someone has a positive experience with me, there’s no need for them to find another agent in the future. The best way to ensure positive experiences is to provide personalized service.

The client is always the one who matters

Giving your clients the VIP treatment doesn’t just mean the white-glove service they’ve come to expect in the high-end market. It means giving every prospective buyer and seller VIP status from their very first interaction with you.

When you’re having initial conversations with potential clients, my advice is to take yourself out of the picture as much as possible. I make sure to listen much more than I talk, and as they explain their situation to me, I take a concerted approach to zeroing in on the most meaningful points. I constantly say, “Tell me more about that,” gently encouraging them to go deeper into the circumstances, interests, objectives, and desires that have motivated them to embark on their real estate journey at this moment in time.

Generally speaking, there are two fundamental reasons why people are buying or listing their homes: pain or pleasure. It’s up to us to discover which is driving them, and to build a foundation of empathy, empowerment, and confidence that helps our clients feel safe and supported.

Be the first call for all things home-related

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Our clients see us as experienced problem-solvers for everything related to their homes—even if it’s unrelated to a sale. I believe we can own this space and take pride in being the primary point of contact for them whenever their properties are involved.

A past client once called me late in the evening because his smoke detector was going off nonstop and he had no idea how to silence it. Instead of being irked, I was glad that I was his first phone call when he needed help. Half an hour later, I was at his home with a stepladder and a new nine-volt battery. The next day, I took him out for lunch—and years later, I was his first phone call once again when he was ready to sell his home.

Embrace these opportunities to go above and beyond. When temperatures here in Oklahoma plummeted to below -5°, another past client called me when she had a busted pipe and couldn’t find a plumber. She wanted to know if I knew anyone who could help, but I did one better; I climbed into her attic and changed the pipe for her. She’s been referring people to me ever since.

Build your reputation locally

Every time you go somewhere or meet someone, you have a chance to garner new business. Through casual conversations with owners, employees, and patrons at all my favorite places to eat and shop, I’ve been able to build rapport and share my passion for real estate. Because of this, I’ve been blessed to help so many people buy and sell properties on multiple occasions.

Word gets out—sometimes when you least expect it. I was at a restaurant the other day, and the manager called me out in front of the other guests, thanking me for doing a great job closing his recent deal. There were dozens of people in the restaurant, and they all heard. When your clients become your lifelong fans, you’ll find that opportunities abound.

Nothing is more important than integrity

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At the end of the day, providing personalized service and earning repeat business takes integrity. As you recruit partners and agents to build out your team, that’s the X- factor you need to focus on. In the long run, a top producer with a cavalier attitude towards clients won’t serve your company—or your community—as well as somebody who puts their whole heart into the process and the relationships.

I recently helped a client relocate from Tennessee to Oklahoma, and she recommended me to both her son and her daughter—so within a week, one transaction had suddenly become three. She didn’t base that decision on my sales numbers or my track record; she was basing it on the fact that I truly, authentically cared.

By showing up and offering a hand, you lay the foundation for flourishing relationships. Add integrity to the mix, and you have a winning recipe for repeat business.

Wayne Kirby

Wayne Kirby has over 28 years of sales experience, 15 directly related to real estate. He was recognized as being in the top 10% in the nation for real estate title sales for the largest title company in America. He quickly became a multi-million dollar producer in real estate sales since moving to Oklahoma City in 2007. A native of South Carolina, Wayne is dual-licensed and has extensive knowledge of the markets in both Oklahoma and South Carolina. In 2017, Wayne and his wife, Terra, formed The Kirby Group and continue to add new agents to their team.

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