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How luxury firms can build a top-of-mind digital strategy

Luxury firms know the importance of keeping their agents top-of-mind and maintaining “the human touch” with prospects and referral sources. Good agents can establish rapport early on. The most successful ones build and maintain a relationship throughout the sales cycle. Why? Because the adage remains true that people buy from people.

Sales efficiency comes from streamlined processes — most often from technology like integrations and automation. But these processes can often come at the expense of the human elements that help make a connection between agent and client. When your technology is guided by a methodology that focuses on relationship building, that’s when you can truly improve sales efficiency and deliver maximum impact for clients.

In today’s digital world, the question becomes how do you develop relationships when you don’t meet in person until after most purchase decisions are made? The answer is in your digital marketing strategy. Here are some key considerations.

Personalize your marketing

There’s no excuse to be sending generic marketing these days. Your assets should be tailored to your specific audience, whether that’s for lead generation or referrals. Just like you would never send out mass emails to your CRM or an email signed by your firm rather than an individual, the same goes for your digital ads. With Customer Relationship AdvertisingTM technology from Adwerx, you can automate outreach to lists within your CRM, with tailored ad creative and messaging. All agents can have their own ads running directly to their sphere.

Humanize your marketing

When it comes to figuring out how to establish that human connection with people on digital platforms, science can help. Understanding how humans react to certain stimuli is a key psychological component of marketing, and we know that ads featuring faces and those with moving elements are nearly impossible for the human brain to ignore. In fact, ads with faces are 11x more engaging than ads without a face, and running ads to your agents’ sphere featuring their face results in a proven 29% lift in meetings booked.

Stay consistent

In a recent Twitter post, RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos said, “top-of-mind is first in line.” By consistently staying in front of the right audience, you help ensure that your agents are the first people that come to mind when your prospects or former clients are ready for your services. Leading with a top-of-mind strategy will help align your marketing and revenue goals.

Provide unique value

You likely recruit and invest in your agents because of their ambition, experience, and knowledge — value they provide your clients. You can help them provide additional value to clients by implementing the right digital tools. Most agents can safely tell prospects that their home will receive professional marketing, a service that 21% of sellers want most from their agent according to NAR. However, most agents rely on the MLS. One of the most unique and modern ways to market a luxury property is to run streaming TV commercials featuring a walk-through of your client’s home, and is certainly one to help differentiate your agents.

The technology available to us today empowers us to do things that were previously unimaginable, and allows us to do business in any environment. But there is no success in luxury real estate without value-driven human connections between agent and client. And that’s not something you can outsource to technology.

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