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How do you know you’re affiliated with the right brand?

For hardworking, successful real estate agents, brand affiliation is a stepping-stone that could elevate business to new heights. And while an agent’s primary focus is working with clients and completing transactions, it’s also important for real estate professionals to consider the ways in which a brand supports them on both a personal and professional level.

Does the brand offer the tools, resources, and support you need for sustainable business growth, professional development, and personal well-being? When reflecting on your brand affiliation, consider these questions to determine if it’s supporting you holistically.

⇒Does your brand connect you with competitive health insurance?

Real estate agents often struggle to find adequate and affordable healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. And since many agents operate as independent contractors, group rates offered through real estate firms can be rare. In fact, NAR’s 2020 Health Insurance Survey reports only 2% of agents obtained primary coverage through their real estate firm. That’s why it’s important to see if your brand has any partnerships in place that make coverage accessible.

RE/MAX, for example, has increased its healthcare coverage partnerships to affiliates by launching the new Health Benefits Provided by ABO program for affiliates in the U.S.

⇒Does your brand encourage – and provide – further education?

Ongoing education is a necessity for new and seasoned agents alike. Companies that encourage continual learning and invest in education courses for their network are most likely in tune with the changing landscape of real estate and social issues.

Programs like RE/MAX University find unique ways to create its own Learning Tracks and classes while also presenting courses from the National Association of Realtors in an easily navigable fashion. RE/MAX also encourages coaching for accountability. Agents from any brand affiliation can find value through the Coaches Corner Live Tour happening throughout the U.S. this summer.

⇒Does your brand boost your marketing?

Social media, marketing, and advertising are three key components to growing your sphere – and creating unique, personal content is a staple for boosting your own platforms. But in addition to self-created media, it’s extra helpful if your brand creates digital resources like shareable social media graphics and stickers, customizable templates, and tools agents can use to leverage their affiliation.

This way, you can better balance your time spent helping customers and growing your online presence by peppering in branded, pre-created content to your feeds.

⇒Does your brand attract top-performing agents?

One of the best ways to learn is through collaboration with peers. As an ambitious agent breaking into the industry, a surefire way to drive motivation is to be in an office surrounded by top performers – and immersed in a culture that inspires friendly competition.

Are you surrounded by people who motivate you to reach – and exceed – your goals?

⇒Does your brand have a solid support network?

Feeling valued and appreciated is an underrated feature of brand affiliation. Features like awards programs and conferences build community and encourage supporting one another (and could lead to referrals!).

If sustainable growth is your goal, it’s critical to be affiliated with a brand whose office culture is one of guidance. Within the RE/MAX network, strong broker/agent relationships are commonplace, so agents have continual mentorship and support – and can reach their broker easily.

⇒Does your brand have a great reputation?

It comes down to one major question: Is your company known for representing clients in the purchase and sale of homes?

That may sound oversimplified, but the sentiment holds true: There can be advantages to being affiliated with a brand with a reputation known to consumers for being the trusted source for reliable assistance through the homebuying and selling processes.

At RE/MAX, brand recognition spans around the globe with the power of the iconic hot air balloon. Consumers know the RE/MAX brand for its recognizable colors, symbol, and most of all, its time-backed track record of helping people find a place to call home.

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