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How did COVID-19 impact the property and real estate insurance space?

All agreed that COVID-19 had permanently altered the insurance landscape.

“COVID-19 is something that’s not going to go – it has changed the game forever,” said Peter Flores, senior vice president of retail property at Arch Insurance. “When you look at the net migration into different states, four of the top 15 cities are located in the state of Florida.”

Brian Dove, national real estate practice leader at USI Insurance Services, pointed out the challenge of increasing vacant office spaces as people fled the cities for the suburbs.

“Vacancy obviously causes special situations and exposures that the carriers need to address,” Dove said. “A lot of these real estate owners are looking to repurpose their buildings, which then throws in additional exposures as it relates to construction. This literally changes the footprint, as well as the overall protection and exposure for that asset.”

“Because of this repurposing of so many properties, their occupancy results in a change in exposure, and that exposure also results in a coverage change,” said Joseph Morello, senior vice president of E&S property at Arch Insurance. “So, [within] the relationship of the insured, the broker, and their carrier, there has to be that migration of not only people, but it has to be the migration of insurance coverage to be able to protect the insured’s assets.”

Dove also pointed out that continued supply-chain issues have impacted the property insurance landscape.

“The supply-chain issues that we’ve felt for a number of years now have had a dramatic impact on the cost of materials, and obviously [there is] their [the construction industry’s] labor pool shortage – and then you throw in inflation on top of that,” he said. “It’s hard for the insurance market to continue to chase these costs from a valuation perspective. We’re really pushing hard as an industry to make sure that we get it right.”

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