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Home With Rows And Rows Of Storage Goes Viral On TikTok

A Florida home that has more storage space than bedrooms is going viral on TikTok for its rows and rows of shelves.

The 14,939-square-foot Panama City commercial property is listed on for $1.65 million. And while it looks large but otherwise unremarkable from the outside, its unusual interior design prompted TikTok user @oldfarmwitch to submit it to the popular account Zillow Catastrophes — before long, its intricate shelf and storage alleys had earned the property nearly 800,000 likes.

“I’ve been wracking my brain about what this house was used for and I just can’t figure it out,” @oldfarmwitch says in the video. “This place is wired for something.”


TY @oldfarmwitch for sending this in. What was this place!?! Guesses in the comments pls #cultstuff #floridarealestate #wth #scary

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Zoned as mixed-use, the property sits on a 0.76-acre lot and has four bedrooms, a bathroom, a carpeted kitchen and a living area with a fireplace, a laundry room and a four-car garage. The doors and windows are boarded-up while the inside is full of lengthy alleyways and space that is not used for anything else. Both the clip and listing photos show spacious rooms that are largely empty save for the rows of shelves and racks.  One room is stacked with antique armchairs while another is filled with paintings, lamps and other antiques.

“Y’all remember Barbie’s maze of a closet in the Barbie Show?” user @jayspillow wrote. “Those are the vibes this is giving me.”

Counts Real Estate is in charge of selling the property after the last owner, Mary Sue Eubank, died in 2019. The family would not comment on the history or type of property to the Panama City News Herald, but confirmed that it has received a lot of attention on TikTok. Some speculated that it was a movie set that stored costumes and props while others put out a more out-there theory — a Sims’ house replica, a Barbie house, a cult leaders’ property and a home like the one in “The Shining.”

“I say get out!” @oldfarmwitch says to close off the video.

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