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Haunted Former Jailhouse In Florida Is All Yours For $140K

A former Florida jailhouse that locals say has a long and haunted history is up for sale for just $140,000.

Once the site of Gilchrist County Jail, 313 NW Second St. in Trenton is described as a “very unique attraction for those thrill seekers out there whom over the years have come from all over the world to document the heavy paranormal activity that frequently occurs inside and outside of the jail.”

The jail opened in 1928 and was not heavily guarded in the best of times. Watchmen would leave at the end of the day shift and, during the nights, the prisoners would be left alone. Local authorities tried to build a home for the jailer in 1966 but the entire structure was abandoned by 1968. The property functioned as an active jail for 40 years before becoming a tourist destination due to claims of paranormal activity at the site.

The former jailhouse boasts eight cells and halls with cracked tiles, peeling paint and weeds growing through the walls. Remnants of the jail’s past, including cell bars and padlocks, remain in some of the rooms and in listing photos an inflatable dummy in a inmate’s uniform can be seen in one of the cells. In the early 2010s, fans of the jailhouse launched a blog documenting visits to the property and ghost sightings, although the blog was eventually abandoned.

“See apparitions walking around the grounds in broad daylight,” reads the listing. “Possibly the spirits within will voice what’s on their mind when you arrive before you even make it inside.”

Matthew Perry of the Watson Realty Corporation is the agent representing the listing. The property is presented as an investment opportunity, either to turn it into a full-fledged museum or raze it entirely and build something new.

“The Old Gilchrist county jail is still operating tours and having paranormal ghost club meetings,” reads the listing. “This is an awesome turnkey tourist-related business opportunity.”

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