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Former UFC fighter grapples with insurance fraud charges

An ex-UFC fighter is facing the greatest challenge of his life after being charged with four felonies for his alleged theft of his girlfriend’s ATV and attempting to file an insurance claim for the vehicle.

Former fighter Bryan Caraway is facing charges of first-degree attempted theft, fraud, filing a false insurance statement, and making a false statement on a vehicle title, court records obtained by ESPN said. They were filed in Benton County, Washington.

Caraway reportedly stole the ATV from his ex-girlfriend Miesha Tate, a former UFC champion herself.

In December 2018, Tate claimed that she told Caraway that she was taking back the ATV he allegedly stole from her. A statement from the Washington insurance commissioner’s office noted that she managed to take the vehicle back on December 18 of that year. But Caraway bought an insurance policy on the ATV on December 21, before filing a claim three days later because the vehicle was “stolen.”

Caraway told his insurer that he purchased the ATV and accessories for $18,500 during the time he was still dating Tate. He also produced a title which showed the vehicle in his name. However, investigators later found that Caraway had forged the title and that Tate was the rightful owner of the ATV.

According to the insurance commissioner’s report, Caraway later withdrew the claim, but his alleged actions related to the theft of the ATV and insurance fraud attempt led to the investigation and ultimately the four felony charges laid against him.

Yahoo Sports reported that after he failed to appear in court after being charged earlier this year, Caraway was placed on state insurance commissioner Mike Kriedler’s insurance fraud most-wanted list. But he has since been removed from the list after contacting the prosecutor’s office and is scheduled to be arraigned on March 11.

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