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Foiye launches, introduces industry to new social media destination

A new social media platform, called Foiye, has launched to entertain users with a blend of real estate and interior design content.

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A new social media platform has launched to entertain users with a blend of real estate and interior design content.

The company Foiye announced its launch in a press release sent to Inman. It was created by CEO Melinda C. Witmer, who said in a statement that browsing real estate listings is a form of entertainment for a “massive audience.”

“Like millions of others, my passion includes spending hours perusing real estate listings for fun and inspiration — even when I’m not looking to transact,” Witmer said. “Foiye creates an environment for fans like me, where users can browse a curated offering of properties, watch home design videos, add their own user-generated content to the mix and join an online community of friends, pros and brands.”

The company intends to recognize listing information and market knowledge as digestible, consumer-facing social content in an of itself, as opposed to merely a foundation from which to launch business marketing efforts. Foiye is designed first to entertain, but with an intent to help augment business for those who become active on its threads and posts.

“Within Foiye, real estate professionals will be positioned as content creators, in keeping with the new industry trends as realtors draw increasing attention on social media platforms, in the home improvement/selling spaces, and on spinoff shows, YouTube tutorials and the like,” the company said.

The company’s rollout will be done in conjunction with notable industry partner, the 60,000-member Miami Association of Realtors (Miami MLS).

Content from Miami MLS, which amounts to “millions of listing images,” according to the statement, will be used to populate users’ Foiye accounts and stimulate discussion and content creation.

Each Miami MLS member will receive a free Foiye marketing “Folio,” the basis for account profiles, video publication and shared featured homes. Users can create original content or republish existing material.

For those agent-users part of an MLS partnership, Foiye will automatically post new and sold listings to ensure Folios remain active and relevant.

Videos and content are categorized as Stream Videos (helpful home topics), Explore Folios (design inspiration) and Home Surf (agent listings). Currently, users can watch a tutorial on “How to Deadhead Roses,” click-through to a Sunset magazine article about Berkeley-based empty nesters learning to love their homes again or browse the end result of a vintage farmhouse restoration.

Professional content can also be shared by designers and contractors, or other home service specialists.

The company is actively seeking more MLS agreements and is underway with industry promotion.

Foiye isn’t the first social media solution built strictly around real estate. Real, a mobile app for agents launched in 2022 with backing from Bravo celebrity agent Fredrik Eklund and Courted, while not designed for entertainment, does function as a communication and networking tool specifically for agents.

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