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Fidelity National Financial Announces Digital Closing Tool

“Close inHere” is part of the company’s “inHere Experience Platform,” an end-to-end platform that provides transaction tracking, e-notarization and e-closing services.

Title insurance and transaction services provider Fidelity National Financial (FNF) announced on Wednesday the launch of a new guided digital closing tool for real estate transactions called “Close inHere.”

Close inHere is one component of FNF’s “inHere Experience Platform,” an end-to-end platform announced by the company last month that provides transaction tracking, e-notarization and e-closing services for agents and consumers. The platform also includes “startSafe,” a digital experience that guides buyers and sellers in beginning their real estate transaction, and the inHere mobile app and portal, the platform’s transaction management solution.

The company’s drive to bring a new tool into the digital closing space was born out of what it sees as a failure of existing digital closing solutions to provide more assistance to consumers than simply a shifting of the traditional paper process to a computer, the company explained in a statement. In contrast, Close inHere provides consumers with a guided experience that includes on-demand explanations and definitions, as well as tips, to help cut back on some of the anxiety many consumers feel when entering into a process they may know little or nothing about in advance.

Jason Nadeau

“Close inHere is the closing process reimagined from the ground up, based upon digital tools instead of the traditional paper paradigm,” Jason Nadeau, chief digital officer at FNF, said in a statement. “Close inHere empowers our staff of closing professionals to deliver a truly digital, intelligent, and interactive guided approach to closing.”

With Close inHere, consumers navigating the closing process can take the time to go through the paperwork days in advance of signing on a property, raise any questions or catch any potential errors. FNF noted that the guided digital experience makes things easier on the consumer, but also helps reduce delays during final approval of all data by the lender or title company.

Mike Nolan

“The COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us a great deal,” Mike Nolan, president of FNF, said in a statement. “Everyone involved in the housing ecosystem has seen that the adoption of digital solutions on a large scale is our future; and sooner than we thought. Real estate closings will transition to include a new digital experience that leverages our nationwide network of trusted closing professionals and now is the time to accelerate that adoption. We’ve determined Close inHere is our key to growing adoption of digital closings at scale.”

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