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Family First Life partners with Ethos

Insurance marketing organization Family First Life has announced a partnership with life insurance insurtech Ethos.

“We have been interested in Ethos for many years,” said Shawn Meaike, founder and president of Family First Life. “This partnership is huge for our company, our agents and the industry.”

Under the partnership, Ethos will provide Family First Life with resources that will benefit current agents and clients. Through Ethos technology, agents have the ability to drip market, which helps service agents with their existing books of business. The partnership also opens up new product options for clients, such as Ameritas and Senior Life.

“Products and personal situations are always changing, and with Ethos, we are one step closer to perfecting the life insurance industry,” Meaike said. “We feel that the Ethos company and their business model aligns with Family First Life’s vision, and by partnering with them we feel a void has been filled.”

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Family First Life said the partnership will provide its agents with more ways to help their clients, revisit existing business, and help ensure that clients get the best treatment. “When FFL first set out, we had the vision of being a billion-dollar company in 10 years,” Meaike said. “We are set to finish 2022 with $850 million issued paid premium, and by the end of 2023, with this partnership, we anticipate reaching our goal of issued/paid of $1 billion.”

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