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Ex-NFL player sues AIG over $1 million loss

The suit stated that the Gates home – a 8,500 square feet property built in 2016 – was burglarized on December 02, 2018. At the time, Sasha and the couple’s children were sleeping inside, and Gates was away at work during the weeks before and after the incident.

Neither Sasha nor the children were hurt in the incident, the suit continued, and Sasha later called police. Footage from the residence’s security video revealed at least two people casually entering through the front garage door. The Gates determined over the next few months after the incident that the thieves stole over $900,000 worth of personal property, which includes designer clothing, shoes, purses, jackets, artwork, and sports memorabilia, the suit stated.

The suit also said that the Gates suspect the same perpetrators previously victimized them, and that the garage door was manipulated to allow for these prior intrusions.

AIG had insured the Gates’ home at that time, with the policy in effect from July 2018 to July 2019. The Gates had reported the burglary to the insurer shortly after the theft, the lawsuit claimed. However, the suit alleged that instead of immediately providing coverage, AIG had “engaged in a two-year plus investigation with no discernible end.”

The insurer had conducted multiple interviews and site inspections, but “despite the extensive investigation and severe invasions of privacy, AIG refuses to provide coverage for the claim or timely respond to the claim,” the suit said.

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