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Everest, Arch share Q2 earnings

Financial results have come in from Bermuda, the base of global insurers Everest Re Group and Arch Capital Group.

Here’s how the two firms stack up in terms of earnings in the second quarter and first half:


Arch Capital Group

Everest Re Group

Q2 2022 net income

US$394.2 million

US$123 million

Q2 2021 net income

US$663.8 million

US$680 million

H1 2022 net income

US$579.8 million

US$420 million

H1 2021 net income

US$1.1 billion

US$1 billion

Q2 2022 operating income

US$506.5 million

US$386 million

Q2 2021 operating income

US$407.2 million

US$587 million

H1 2022 operating income

US$928.5 million

US$792 million

H1 2021 operating income

US$647 million

US$847 million


In the three-month span ended June 30, Arch’s insurance segment enjoyed a 98% increase in underwriting income, while the reinsurance operations posted a 45% rise. Consolidated underwriting income for the company stood at $535.4 million.

Meanwhile Everest president and chief executive Juan C. Andrade commented: “Everest’s solid second quarter results reflect the successful execution of our strategy with strong momentum across our key performance objectives. Our focus on underwriting profitability and operational efficiency, supported by our investment portfolio delivered $386 million in net operating income and a 15.3% operating ROE (return on equity).

“We expanded margins across our insurance and reinsurance businesses with disciplined growth, continued to scale our insurance platform, and in reinsurance capitalized on strategic market opportunities that improved the diversity and economics of our book, while reducing volatility.”

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