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Entegral launches app-based vehicle claims triage software

The US-based insurtech Entegral has launched a new vehicle claim assistance software called Smart Assist, a SaaS (software as a service) that helps digitize and automate the auto insurance claims process for customers.

Entegral’s platform is integrated and open software that can facilitate communication and collaboration among collision repair shops, insurance providers, vehicle manufacturers, and other industry professionals. Its latest offering, Smart Assist, is a self-service application that provides control and transparency to vehicle owners, from the first notice of loss through to the completion of the claim. Smart Assist also helps streamline the selection of the vehicle repair and/or replacement rental part of the claims process.

The product, developed by Entegral with AI damage analysis technology provided by partner Tractable, made its debut at the recent Guidewire Connections 2022 in Las Vegas.

“Managing the full lifecycle of an auto claim is complex for everyone involved – not to mention incredibly stressful for the vehicle owner,” said Entegral vice president Joe Rector. “By connecting people, systems and data on an open platform, Entegral is simplifying and harmonizing the automotive claims experience for industry partners and vehicle owners alike.”

Rector added that Smart Assist shows how Entegral is “continuing to invest in advanced solutions to improve claims processing,” and that by removing inefficiencies from the claims process, the company is expediting the accident recovery timeline.

“We are honored to partner with Entegral to provide our AI technology for this exciting new offering,” said Tractable co-founder and CEO Alex Dalyac. “Computer vision is accelerating accident recovery; the technology is here, it’s on the ground and it’s making a difference.”

Entegral has a global customer base of over 70 insurance providers, car manufacturers and collision network sponsors in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Puerto Rico. Its client base includes some of the top 25 insurers in the world.

Tractable’s AI-powered vehicle assessment technology was launched last year. Not only does it immediately examine a vehicle’s condition to send to an adjuster, it also interacts with claimants as they take a video of their vehicle, to ensure a reliable assessment.

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