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Engage More Real Estate Leads With Top-Of-Funnel Aiva: Tech Review

Aiva is a web and mobile app that works alongside real estate CRMs to better qualify and automate lead response. We all know way too much time is spent trying to qualify ghosts. Thankfully, that is why this category of software exists, and more agents should find a way to leverage technology to win online business.

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Avia is a lead engagement and response platform.

Platforms: Browser, iOS and Android apps

Ideal For: Team leaders and agents

Top selling points:

  • Wide array of CRM integrations
  • Simple lead categorization
  • Consistent human intervention
  • Included scripts
  • Up to 90-day follow-up sequence

Top concern

A lot of existing CRMs have automated lead follow-up campaigns and associated tech built in. Even though Avia integrates with many of the most well-known in that space, it’s going to have overcome what’s already in place to secure adoption.

What you should know

Aiva is a text-driven lead engagement solution for real estate professionals. It combines human interaction with automated best practices for capturing the attention of new leads from more than 200 popular sources. Aiva is for agents at any level and works in unison with many popular enterprise CRM solutions.

There are a lot of products in Aiva’s space. For good reason. 

Lead generation isn’t really the industry’s problem — lead capture is. This is what Aiva is aiming to provide for you.

This is a top-of-funnel approach, engaging new leads within a minute of them interacting with a lead source, whether it’s a portal listing or website information form.

The software distributes a text message intended to measure the individual’s level of interest further. We all know way too much time is spent trying to qualify ghosts.

Thankfully, that is why this category of software exists, and more agents should find a way to leverage technology to win online business.

Responsive leads get pushed directly to an actual person on Avia’s team for additional follow-up and collaboration before being handed off for final CRM intake.

Aiva does an outstanding job of making initial lead qualification simple. It divides them accordingly: Contacting, Interest, Not Interested, Unresponsive. Pretty much all you need.

Long-term follow-up is executed over 90 days through both text and email, and scripts are available off-the-shelf based on need, such as an investor, first-time buyer, website lead, and so forth. Users can also edit or customize scripts as needed, and the software provides a deep library of merge tags in the email composition module.

Smartly, Aiva’s API was designed to work in unison with a long list of recognizable names in the CRM space. This allows leads to be engaged by Aiva, and the results can be tracked in what you’re already using to eliminate input redundancy, ensure contact data integrity, and easily stay on top of who’s being touched and when.

Aiva works with FollowUp Boss, CINC, Brivity, LionDesk, FirePoint, BoomTown, KW Command, Elevate, Kunversion, kv CORE, TopProducer and well, you name it. You won’t be left out. If you happen to be, just tell them.

The company made a point to say that while it considers all of their API-connected CRM partners great at what they do, a CRM is ultimately designed for ongoing human interaction. Yes, more automation can help, but agents still need tactics and features to know who to contact when, what sellers sold which properties and who they haven’t reached out to in a few months.

Aiva, on the other hand, is about immediate and short-term follow-up with new leads. It also serves to build a better database by quickly categorizing those who are worth your time, avoiding the problems that occur when online lead sources pump databases full of unqualified or problematic leads. It’s easily argued that tools like Aiva help agents get more for their ad spend by applying a filter on the back-end, preventing the “garbage from going in.”

I like that the team at Aiva didn’t back down when I asked them about CRM redundancy. And they’re right: There is real value in keeping your CRM clean, and hiring connected vendors for specific, focused tasks that can enhance the value of a CRM, something I didn’t think about until I started writing this.

Plus, it helps that they clearly built some solid, niche software and backed up the browser version with mobile companions on both platforms.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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