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Dreaming Of Your Brokerage Being On The Big Screen? Try ITESMEDIA

From wide screens to retail brokerage storefronts, ITESMEDIA’s interactive video screens and kiosk display technology offer brokerages and agents a cool, compelling way to differentiate.

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ITESMEDIA offers digital signage for retail real estate offices and back-office productivity.

Platforms: Browser, tablets, touch screens
Ideal for: Retail storefront brokerages, team offices, brokers who incentivize competition

Top selling points:

  • Unique form of marketing
  • Multiple forms of use
  • Strong branding support
  • Supports communal office environment
  • Attractive to sellers

Top concerns:

It’s an expensive form of marketing and largely a brand-builder. Also, it may not appeal to smaller, more remote brokerages and national brands.

What you should know

ITESMEDIA is a company that provides software that displays everything from videos to webpages to individual listings and agent profiles on virbrant, digital monitors and interactive kiosks.

You’ve likely seen such displays on retail storefronts or maybe in tourist areas or office lobbies. They, without a doubt, pull people in. I see it every time (well, before COVID-19) I walk past a local Sotheby’s office.

In a tourist town, these are engagement goldmines. I’ve overheard discussions from window shoppers. If it goes on for more than a few seconds, the savvier agents are there with an outstretched hand. (Again, pre-coronavirus.)

Point is, there is real value in these high-resolution screens — perhaps even more now that our minds are so adapted to engaging with things we see on bright, flat displays.

ITESMEDIA offers real estate brokerages a back-end content management system, and can recommend what brand and type of display hardware to purchase.

Agent profiles are sharp use of such real estate, especially if intermixed with other panels displaying listings.

ITESMEDIA can deploy “point-of-engagement” real estate search interfaces, too. This process can be further streamlined if being used in a market where the company has MLS partnerships. They’re also partnered with a couple of national data feed partners.

It’s not the technology itself that intrigues me about this rather common marketing tool — it’s the range of uses it offers, and ITESMEDIA’s prescient deployment of its media player.

Using a direct YouTube link or a URL, monitors can show video home tours, Matterport walk-throughs, community promotional videos or any other form of online media a brokerage wants to offer its customers.

The back-end is quite simple, too, allowing for the easy management of content and display oversight.

Users merely need to select a screen (assuming there are multiple), choose the zone (the area on the specific screen) and then tap a playlist.

Playlists are organized as they would be on any other form of media player. You can run a video, then a listing, then an agent profile, then a few more listings.

The drag-and-drop user experience is something everyone is familiar with, and each piece of content can run for varying lengths of time. Image-to-image transitions can be applied, and levels of priority can be assigned, so a big-time new listing can get more airtime, for example.

A new feature includes the ability to share what’s on your ITESMEDIA playlist on a browser (takes a moment to load) making it a great tool to show off in listing presentations.

In office, the system can help highlight company events and brokerage news when hung in a breakroom or common area.

There are mechanisms for displaying agent performance rankings, in/out-of-office notifications, and other important news and content.

ITESMEDIA also includes a Partners Module for brokers to display select vendors. I would think this could become a source of ad revenue for brokers not afraid to make their vendors compete for awareness.

Again, such window displays are popular in busy urban areas and resort locations. I would charge local tourist boards and companies for screen space, ski resorts for their grooming reports, and surf shops for discounts on rentals and lessons.

In short, there’s so much potential here, and marketing real estate is merely one of them. ITESMEDIA understand this, and I’m sure it’ll have more in store for this segment of their business.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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