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Dotloop and Notarize Launch Long-Awaited Integration For Users

Starting Tuesday, Notarize Business users can integrate their dotloop accounts for a seamless notarization experience between both platforms.

Dotloop and Notarize announced on Tuesday a new partnership that will enable agents to seamlessly upload and notarize documents without leaving the dotloop platform. Notarize Co-founder and CEO Pat Kinsel announced the development of the integration at the company’s virtual Rewired Conference in November.

“The Notarize partnership offers the ultimate convenience for real estate clients, especially when in-person meetings aren’t always possible or necessary,” dotloop Vice President and General Manager Joe Kazzoun said in a statement. “With the click of a button, clients can quickly and easily get their documents safely and securely notarized, all from the comfort of their own home.”

To get started, agents must connect their dotloop and Notarize accounts through their Notarize login. Agents will only see the option to ‘Import a Loop’ or ‘Send New Loop’ under the ‘Send and Manage’ tab if they have an account through their Realtor organization.

Credit: Notarize

From there, agents will be prompted to approve dotloop’s access to their Notarize account. After approving access, agents will be led back to their Notarize Business dashboard, where they’ll see a new ‘Select a Loop to Import’ button. Next, agents can select documents that need notarization and select who needs to sign those documents.

Lastly, agents start a video session with a commissioned notary, who will oversee the signing process and notarize the documents. Within 15 minutes, the notarization will be complete, and documents automatically updated in dotloop to be downloaded or emailed.

“Consumers and real estate agents are clamoring for fully digital solutions, and in this current market, a solution that combines speed, ease-of-use and security is a powerful tool,” Kinsel said. “We’re thrilled to partner with dotloop and integrate into their best-in-class platform, giving modern agents the tools they need to better serve their clients.”

Dotloop released several new integrations lately, including one with transaction management and CRM solution Shaker and another with the California Association of Realtors.

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