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Does your community treat you like this?

Real estate professionals may seem like solopreneurs—out there all on their own. But in fact, most top performers have an all-boats-rise mentality. That’s evident from the level of generosity and participation in real estate communities both online and in-person, where agents and brokers come together to share tips, tricks, wins, failures, best practices, bad mistakes, and fun stories alike… all for the betterment of each other.

You can see that at play firsthand in the Keeping it Real community. Developed by Real Geeks, the community serves users and non-users alike. All are welcome.

“I am just finishing my second full year in real estate. I started really watching the invaluable content on the Keeping it Real interviews and even though I have a lot to learn still, and a lot of holes in my process, I have officially doubled my first year’s production. I wanted to say thank you for the great free content!” -Devon H.

The videos in the Keeping It Real Community cover topics that touch every aspect of life as a real estate professional:

Enter the New Year with a Listing Inventory
Mastering the Art of Prospecting – Live Role Play with Bill Jenkins
COVID-19 and the Market: Where do we go from here?

The videos are shared on YouTube, on the Keeping It Real podcast, and on the Real Geeks Facebook page.

What should you look for in a real estate community?

Communities are ideal for any real estate professional interested in collaboration and conversation. Real estate can be a lonely business, which is why communities can offset that sense of isolation, learning and sharing everything from marketing and lead generation tips and techniques to the latest real estate tech and trends.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you explore communities like Keeping It Real:

How recent is the activity? If the group hasn’t posted or shared in over a month, chances are it’s gone stagnant or the original admins have stepped away. KIR posts new episodes on the first Thursday of every month.

How positive is the overall tone? Communities can easily become places agents go to rant and complain. There is time and place for that, and these communities aren’t that. Instead, look for an inviting culture where members help each other build and grow their business.

“These Keeping it Real videos are awesome, along with the Real Geeks family. There is more info here than any other mastermind site I’ve researched” – Emanuel F.

What is the experience level of the members? KIR includes professionals at every stage of their business, from newly minted agents to seasoned professionals. From real estate as a second career to those fresh out of college. You might prefer a community of people who are at the same stage you are. But the folks behind KIR feel the mixture makes the magic.

“I’ve used so much of what I’ve learned from agents here in the training of my own team. I’m so very happy to see this happen. – Buster L.”

As you go forward in 2021, don’t go it alone. Find a community that welcomes you, your ideas, and your goals and in return delivers inspiration and education. We invite you to join us at Keeping it Real by subscribing to our podcast or checking out our videos.

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