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Do You Speak The 5 Love Languages Of Customer Service?

In the hottest, most competitive markets most agents have seen in their careers come major challenges. Clients need reassurance that you’ve got it under control, which might mean customizing your service based on their “love language.” Here’s how to do that.

Real estate agents across the country are facing some of the most competitive markets in their careers. With these challenges come the need to adapt and change customer service techniques to help the consumer weather the conditions and land safely at the end of the transaction. 

Sellers and buyers both need reassurance that you and your team have things under control. One key point is to remember that each customer may have a different “love language,” and you might need to customize your services to meet their needs for an optimal experience. 

5 languages

1. Words of affirmation

Helping buyers find their dream home is a tall order. Buyers will need to be patient, prepared and, most of all, positive that you can help them win an offer to purchase

Throughout the entire transaction, it will be critical to check in and reassure them on how you’re helping them find a home. Positive affirmations that they can succeed should be the foundation of every conversation along the way. 

2. Quality time

Consumers are hiring professional agents to help them buy or sell a home because they do not have time to become professionals. They also hire agents to protect their quality time with their friends and loved ones. 

Look for opportunities to save your clients time and make things more efficient during their real estate transaction journey. 

You cannot put a price on quality time, and they will appreciate your time and efforts when it gives them more time back for the important things. 

3. Touch

Some consumers will need more communication than others. In this format, think of “touch” as improving communication in the transaction. They will need reminder cards, clear directions, regularly scheduled check-ins, calendar prompts, providing digital and hard copies. 

Consumers will need a regular campaign of you staying in touch after the transaction, or they will find another agent to use in the future. It’s a long-standing pillar in the referral business. If you do not reach out, another agent will. 

4. Acts of service

What are you doing to take some of the work out of the transaction for your clients? Are you getting estimates? Do you make sure repairs are complete? If the yard needs mowing or the property needs a deep clean, are you willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work? 

What about volunteering in the community? How are you letting your customers know how you help in real estate and in the community you are selling real estate in. Consumers expect more out of the real estate experience than ever before. What type of service experience are you offering?

5. Gifts

Closing gifts are a given in most transactions, but it might be time to step up your game. Consumers typically appreciate personalized gifts or gift certificates from local businesses. Take some time to consider your clients and their personal style after contingencies are met during the transaction. 

You can order many interesting and personalized gifts on Etsy for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts with careful planning. After the transaction follow-up, gifts and seasonal pop-bys are popular. Clients want to know that you are in it for the transaction’s lifetime and that you will not forget them after you close the deal.  

Wrapping up

Talk to your customers. Ask them what is most important to them. Ask them what their hobbies and favorite restaurants are. Take a few notes from social media if you’ve connected with them online. 

In a world that’s so busy that it’s easy to feel forgotten or like just an item on someone’s to-do list, make sure your clients know you value them and their business. 

Standing out in this market is going to take your best effort. You will need to know market conditions, have savvy negotiation skills, be an expert transaction manager and a trusted confidant. Become a student of customer service. Be willing to change, and know the value you provide your customers. 

If you have any great customer service tips that have helped you in this market, please share them below! We would love to hear from you. 

By day, Rachael Hite helps agents develop their business. By night, she’s tweeting and blogging. Feel free to tweet her @rachaelhite.

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