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Dallas ‘Mansion’ With No Bedrooms, Windows Mocked On Social Media

An eerie Dallas home listed for nearly $1 million is drawing attention on social media for its resemblance to a CIA black site — and because it apparently has no bedrooms or see-through windows.

Sitting at 13229 Southview Lane, the 5,786-square-foot property built in 2000 appears to be a large brick-style mansion from the exterior. But later listing photos reveal a single warehouse room divided by metal shelving units lit up with fluorescent lights. To further the prison theme, a glass security passageway greets one at the entrance and opens onto cinderblock walls and grey carpeting.

The windows seen in the exterior of the house are not visible inside the home, leading some to believe they were either boarded up or created only for display, while an electric wire grid hangs overtop the single room. According to the listing description, the building is also connected to two electrical grids, has a natural gas generator and comes with two diesel fuel tanks.

“A property unlike any other!” it reads, making no effort to explain the discrepancies. “With walls, flooring, and ceiling made of concrete, this property can serve as the perfect storage spot for large wine collections, art collections, multiple cars, as well as serving as the ultimate safe house.”

The creepy interior was recently picked up by Zillow Gone Wild, an Instagram account that finds unusual listings across the world. Its 1.2 million followers soon chimed in, with some from Dallas claiming that it is owned by the local electric power company Oncor and used for power planning in the city.

Others poked fun at the listing, claiming that it is a torture chamber or a front to disguise criminal activity.

How can we tell them they can use this property for criminal activity, without getting ourselves into trouble?” wrote @proper_posh_properties.

“What in the Breaking Bad is going on here?” wrote @aopferman10.

The agent, Mark Cain with Compass, did not immediately return a request to elucidate some of these mysteries.

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