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CSAA Insurance Group outlines progress in “planet, people, and practice” initiatives

CSAA Insurance Group outlines progress in “planet, people, and practice” initiatives | Insurance Business America

Impact report underscores ‘broader lens’ approach


Terry Gangcuangco

CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer, has revealed the advancements in its “planet, people, and practice” initiatives through the organization’s 2023 Impact Report.

The report boasts considerable environmental successes, including achieving a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions two years ahead of the 2025 target. CSAA also improved its score from a C to a B in the 2023 CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) evaluation.

Additionally, in response to the severe threat of wildfires, CSAA pledged $25 million to the California Wildfire Innovation Fund in partnership with Blue Forest Asset Management. The initiative aims to finance forest restoration projects, mitigate wildfire risks, and support local employment.

Another innovative step by CSAA is the creation of the Go Green Benefit program, set to launch this year to encourage employees to adopt green electricity and support the installation of solar energy solutions, in addition to promoting climate-friendly commuting options.

The company also achieved gender parity, with women representation at the supervisor, manager, and executive levels (combined) aligning with the US labor force, although executive representation of women was slightly lower at 46%.

CSAA also took a leading role in the Climate Resiliency Challenge, collaborating with IDEO and Aon, among others. The initiative sought innovative solutions from various stakeholders to enhance community resilience against climate-related disasters.

Mike Zukerman, CSAA’s interim president and chief executive, said: “We recognize that addressing one audience or one area in isolation may not lead to our desired outcomes. “That’s why we’ve started to employ a broader lens – total social impact – when looking at our imprint on our planet, our people, and the communities we serve as we progress on our journey in these spaces.”

He added that CSAA engages in partnerships with the belief that partnering for change makes change far more likely to take place.

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