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Competing with iBuyers just got a whole lot easier

In today’s market, sellers have more control and options than ever before. In fact, being a listing agent today is like shooting fish in a barrel. That is, if you can get the listing.

Cracking the code for generating motivated seller leads has plagued real estate professionals for years. Sure, you can run Facebook ads promoting your home evaluation lead gen platform, but unfortunately, you’re competing with literally hundreds of thousands of other agents with the exact same strategy. The home evaluation lead gen strategy can be effective, but the simple truth is that these methods have become overused and oversaturated.

That’s why iBuyers are having a moment: They’ve figured out how to get sellers to raise their hand and say, “Hey, we want to sell our house!” How did they do that? By offering an easy and convenient way to sell your home digitally, via the instant cash offer.

So how can real estate professionals compete with iBuyers and put a new spin on generating motivated seller leads? And how can they stand out against all the noise? Here are 3 simple steps to generating motivated seller leads with a new spin:

Step 1 – Assemble your network of cash buyers; are there any iBuyers in your area? If so, learn what their “buy box” or criteria is for homes that they buy and learn about their process and procedures for working with real estate agents; network with cash buyers that are buying and holding or cash buyers that fix and flip.

Step 2 – Lead generate for sellers by offering an instant cash offer on their home. Most sellers don’t accept the cash offer, but it’s a great hook. According to Zillow, 45% of all homeowners that request a cash offer go on to list their home on the open market. They can create squeeze pages in other website applications, create Facebook ads with lead questionnaires, or of course, use Zoodealio’s personalized cash offer website.

Step 3 – Display offers to the seller in an easy-to-understand format, alongside what you could list the home for on the open market. Agents can use a spreadsheet or PDF or of course, Zoodealio’s interactive multi-offer dashboard.

The real estate industry is constantly evolving and so are consumers’ expectations. If you’re ready to break away from the noise and master the art of generating motivated seller leads we invite you to attend our free live online training. It’s fair to say if you don’t want to get left behind you also have to evolve. Zoodealio has made this possible for agents looking to do just that and competing with iBuyers just got a whole lot easier.

Watch the webinar to learn more. Click here.

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