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Cloud-Based Brokerage Archetape Expands Services With 2 Acquisitions

Cloud-based brokerage Archetape, which operates in Texas and Louisiana, has acquired two of its fellow Texas-based real estate companies, Pinnacle Realty Advisors and Broker Breakup, the company announced on Thursday.

Archetape, which was launched in Dallas in 2020 by founder Sam Sawyer, aims to reimagine the relationship between brokerage and agent through high-tech tools, full-service support for agents and a financial model that allows agents to keep more of their income.

Pinnacle Realty Advisors is also a cloud-based brokerage, while Broker Breakup is a broker/agent sponsorship company that operates on what the company calls a “build your own brokerage” model, whereby any agent or broker can work with the company to launch their own brokerage in Texas.

With the acquisition, Archetape says that agents will now have the option to choose what business model fits their particular needs, whether that be a full-service, cloud-based brokerage option or a while label brokerage experience through Broker Breakup.

Sam Sawyer | Credit: LinkedIn

“Everything we do is in the name of making our agents happier,” Archetape Founder and CEO Sam Sawyer said in a statement. “We believe this simple, yet powerful idea has the potential to revolutionize the entire real estate brokerage industry. We are building the brokerage company of the future with our suite of product offerings. We are not simply adjusting the same outdated business model that dominates the industry today, rather, with Archetape we are rebuilding the entire process from the ground up. We prioritize agent happiness as our North Star metric, and we are fired up about the opportunity ahead of us.”

Pinnacle Realty Advisors and Broker Breakup were both founded by Brent Porter, who will become chief broker officer at Archetape, while also overseeing day-to-day business at Pinnacle in the role of president.

Brent Porter | Credit: LinkedIn

“I am beyond excited to join forces with Sam and the team at Archetape to supercharge our shared vision of building a brokerage firm for today’s world,” Porter said in a statement. “We collectively believe in placing the agent above everything we do and constantly work to find ways to empower our agents to make more money while delivering a best-in-class service.”

Archetape plans to expand its services to additional states later this year, according to a press statement.

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