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Claim Central hires new group CEO

Before joining CCC, he served as the group CFO of Waco International, a multinational equipment rental and industrial services business. His prior experience also includes investment banking, financial, and professional services.

In his new role as group CEO, le Roux will apply his wealth of experience in the commercial and financial sectors locally and globally. He will also transition to the CCC board as a director.

Meanwhile, Siemsen, who established CCC in 2000, will take charge of CCC’s new ventures, business development, and brand & marketing functions in his new role as executive director.

 “I have enjoyed the journey over the past 20-plus years as CEO, and with Eben ready to take on the top role, this gives me an excellent opportunity to work in areas of the business I love and where I can create the most value for the Group,” Siemsen commented, “I’m particularly keen to get more hands-on with the launch of our new technology brand, Wilbur, throughout 2021.”

Siemsen shared that he and le Roux have developed a strong partnership over the past 15 months.

“Now, with Eben as group CEO, combined with my new role, we’re playing to our strengths. This structure positions us very well to take the Group into the next phase of our strategy,” he added. “We’re passionate about building strong and sustainable growth into the future, and to do that, we need the right people in the right seats, working shoulder to shoulder to achieve our goals.”

Le Roux commented: “I am very grateful for the opportunity. It really is a continuation of a discussion Brian had with me some time ago about where his strengths lie and what is best for the business. For me, it’s about how we continue to work as partners, playing to each of our strengths and driving the right values and outcomes for the business with our team and our board.”

Over the last 12 months, CCC has boosted its management capacity to deliver faster, better, and smarter services to its clients enabled by its technology division, Wilbur. The company has also improved in building out and offering Wilbur products such as Wilbur Claims Manager, Wilbur Live, and Wilbur Repair locally and in the US, with substantial opportunity for further growth, le Roux said.

“I think our key clients and shareholders will feel the positive impact of Brian’s role change. I’ve never seen him more motivated to get out amongst it again,” le Roux added.

CCC stated that its key shareholders, including Macquarie Capital and Envest, are confident that the new role alignment will help the company expand its global footprint and revenue growth.  

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