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Chime Taps Revaluate To Empower Lead Quality With ‘Likely To Move’ Scores

Sales and marketing technology company Chime partners with Revaluate to empower online leads of higher qualification standards.

Chime, a sales and marketing technology company for the real estate industry, has announced a partnership with moving data company Revaluate in a press release.

The partnership will center on lead identification and capture, as Revaluate’s services probe deep combinations of public and social data to determine homeowners’ propensity to move soon. That data will then be leveraged powered by Chime’s outreach, branding and follow-up technologies.

Lead source and quality are growing ever more critical for agents, teams and brokerages as the pace of today’s real estate market continues to blister the heels of working agents. The faster leads can be verified, the more value an agent receives from them.

Chris Drayer

Revaluate’s system offers data insights on real-life events, such as a birth or estate transition. It predicts how and when that may impact a real estate transaction, according to the release.

An independent audit of Revaluate’s solution found that its “likely to move” prediction is accurate 1 out of 5 times. The partnership will combine that likelihood with Chime’s existing lead scoring tools and outreach automation.

In the release, Revaluate CEO Chris Drayer said the partnership rests on a simple overall notion.

“It’s pretty simple, really. First, focus your marketing and sales efforts on those prospects who are most likely to move,” Drayer said. “Second, leverage the AI in Chime to automate nurture and conversion efforts across the database.”

Partnering is entrenched in Chime’s business model, adopting the idea that if you’re not the best at something, hire those who are. In the past year, the sales acceleration technology company has inked agreements with BrokermintEyeSpy360Ylopo and Dippidi.

Mike McGowan | Chime

“Instead of focusing on acquiring more leads, agents and brokers need to capitalize on converting those they already have and leverage technology to prioritize which opportunities deserve attention and nurturing,” Chime’s Vice President of Sales Mike McGowan said in the announcement.

The industry continues to grapple with an overabundance of online leads, McGowan said.

Revaluate’s data tools will be cleanly integrated into Chime’s user experience, offering users easy access to the new data for a low-angle, on-ramp to adoption. It’s available now.

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