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Broker Connect At ICNY: Attack Your Biggest Threats, Create Your Brightest Future

New markets require new approaches and tactics. Experts and industry leaders take the stage at Inman Connect New York in January to help navigate the market shift — and prepare for the next one. Meet the moment and join us. Register here.

As a real estate broker, we know you want to make a difference in this industry but are tired of the same old recycled ideas to attack your biggest challenges. The future of the brokerage business is going to look very different than it did before, with new technologies and industry threats making headlines.

Building a strong strategy for profitability and success in 2023 will take more than having more sales meetings or minimizing expenses. Your agents need a new level of leadership, marketing training and lead-generation support. You also need to know what’s next. 

Broker Connect at Inman Connect New York, is the stage you’ll want front-row access to. It offers education on how best to position your brand in this constantly changing industry by learning from experts from many different brokerages who bring unique perspectives and strategies that will work.

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Here’s what’s in the two-hour line-up at Broker Connect Tuesday, Jan. 24:

Building a Strong Foundation in a Life-Changing Market

Downward markets are where careers are born. Masterful practitioners come out on top and mentorship becomes the main priority for broker-owners and indie brokers. Join our moderators as they highlight how to build a strong foundation for your brokerage in 2023.

A Look Behind 3 Different and Effective Brokerage Models

When it comes to operations, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Join us as we take an inside look into different models and discuss the secret sauce of how each model empowers agents and teams to be productive.

How to Appeal and Market to the New Generation Consumer

A look at what our clients want and what our clients of tomorrow need. How can your brokerage stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing, messaging and the way clients want to do business? Join us as experts discuss.

A Broker’s Guide to Recruiting and Mentorship: Top Strategies to Attract and Keep Your Best Talent

It’s been quite a year for our industry. How can we use the lessons we’ve learned to help our agents thrive? Join us for an in-depth, power-packed masterclass to take your recruiting, training and retention efforts to the next level.

What Role Does Tech Play for Brokerages in 2023? (Sponsored) 

In a down market, the first place we often look to cut costs is tech expenses. How should brokers be thinking about tech in their day-to-day operations this year and what investments will give them the most ROI?

An Honest Conversation About Broker Profitability

Staffing, marketing efforts, tech solutions, and training are just a few of the categories brokers can evaluate when looking to increase their bottom line. Join us as industry leaders have a transparent conversation about where they focus their efforts and why.

Unique Value Propositions to Attract New Business in a New Market

There is opportunity in every market. How can your brokerage be proactive and creative about building your pipeline and setting your company and agents up for success?

Inman Connect, real estate’s premier conference, has been designed with real estate’s future at heart — it will address all your opportunities and challenges so that this event isn’t just another stale affair. It promises inspiration, whether coming from onstage speakers who have seen what works firsthand when facing obstacles or from audience Q&A sessions that allow members an opportunity for one-on-one interaction outside formal presentations.

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