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Bring the basics back—to the future

How do you win in 2021 with:

  • The pandemic causing historically low inventory?
  • Disruptors offering consumers an ‘easy button’?
  • Consumers accustomed to one-click orders?

These questions are on the minds of real estate agents and brokers everywhere. But just like Tom Brady strolling to his sixth Super Bowl win at 43 years old, the key to success is right in front of you.

Winning in 2021 means executing on the fundamentals. It means doing the things you’ve always done, but in the modern way that today’s consumers expect.

It means bringing the basics back—to the future.

Master the market

Agents and brokerages need to master their market for everything from mortgage rates to buyer profiles. But it’s not enough to have this information. It needs to be shared in a way that consumers understand.

To do this, agents and brokers can ditch the black and white MLS printout and give buyers and sellers a beautiful, online, interactive CMA. This presents them as the experts in their area and gives their clients the kind of content they’re used to.

Grow your business

Working in real estate is a perpetual battle to fill the pipeline. Luckily, it can be done entirely online, and nearly everybody has a website to generate leads. But real estate websites aren’t Wikipedia. Consumers don’t want just info, they want promise—of a new home, a new neighborhood, a new investment.

Deliver on that promise and reward their search with value, with web pages that automatically respond with home valuations, CMAs, or listing alerts. Grow your business and reinforce your reputation as the local expert at the same time.

Manage the transaction and close

Above all else, agents and brokers need to close the deal and guide their buyers and sellers through the transaction and close. Those that bring the entire process together in a simple, thoughtful, and digital way can make an impression that lasts a lifetime.

From forms and eSignature to digital title orders and earnest deposits, an all-in-one digital transaction management solution gives agents and brokers the foundational tools they need to succeed—together—in this most important task.
Stay top of mind

Just because consumers are online doesn’t mean a personal touch is less important. It’s what separates agents and brokerages from the competition.

It might even be easier to nurture client relationships online, because a digital presence can be in multiple places at once, especially with things like Homebeat sending live and personally branded CMAs to past clients and encouraging repeat business.

Run a structurally sound business

Agents and brokers are entirely responsible for the security of their client’s money. Paying agents, holding trust/escrow, tracking expenses, earnest deposits—each of these activities is crucial to running a reliable real estate business.

Finances and operations don’t need to be so manual and disconnected. The industry’s gold standard, Transactions and Back Office, give agents and brokers a single source of truth to efficiently and securely manage money.

Put people first

Putting people first will always be the most important thing in real estate, and the main differentiator between agents, brokers, and their competitors.

Agents put people first by doing all of the above. Brokers put people first by empowering their agents with data-driven insights, and providing them with leading digital tools to help them amaze their clients.

Together, agents and brokers can bring the time-honored tenets of the real estate profession into the present and give buyers and sellers the modern—yet traditional—experience they can’t get anywhere else.

And isn’t that what real estate is all about?
We’re Lone Wolf. We’re here to make real estate simpler for you, whether you’re an agent, broker, or buyer, or seller. From CMAs and lead generating landing pages to broker transactions and back-office software, our leading digital tools give you everything you need to master your market, amaze your clients, and grow your business. Find out what we’re doing to bring real estate into the digital era here.

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